David Icke’s Flawed Theories

David Icke is an idiot. Either on purpose or not but he’s an idiot either way.

What is flawed about his theories is that he keeps equating reptilian entities with cold, evil, manipulation and hatred.
He mentions princess Diana..then why doesn’t he mention she was also in the bloodline as well?

Also his assessment of prince Harry not being prince Charles’s son is careless, very very rude and ultimately inaccurate. What is most dispicable is the cowardice in which he expresses this opinion…he doesn’t even have the balls to finish his sentence. When you look at Harry…what? So say it then. You can tell he’s a soccer player and media personality and not a real journalist or writer. Worst intimation ever.

If  someone like myself who’s an artist and has an eye studies Harry’s face and the rest of his family, one sees that who Harry DOESN’T look like at first glance is Diana actually.
If you keep searching family pics you see in the Queen’s younger face that this is where Harry has resemblance. His features are sharper. His neck, ears and head shape are certainly Charles and definitely Queen Elizabeth. Its actually Diana I have trouble seeing in him. Is Icke then going to intimate he’s not Diana’s?

It seems his main objective throughout is just to rip on the royal family of Britain which of course sells, is always a popular sport and is fairly easy for cowards to do. And really what he’s insinuating puts Diana in a bad light…but we are led to believe he is sympathetic to her.

This guy is only out for himself firstly. Secondly he works for someone but exactly who im not sure…..maybe he isn’t either.

The greatest laugh in this is that Icke never stops to consider if he himself isn’t programmed or being used for the purposes of disinfo.

His work exists off of the testimonies of mind controlled slaves everywhere. He misrepresented Arizona Wilder by not readily comparing her story to countless other high profile Survivors.

Yet another MALE exists to pimp a female Survivor for his own self aggrandizement.

He is most unkind to ALL Survivors of programming everywhere, which by logic would include people like Bush and members of the royal family, though one shouldn’t draw attention to this as its their private business.

Icke behaves as if he’s the metaphysical police or something and its fine to rip apart human beings who privately suffer so.

He needs.to realize  that there are already spiritual police or guardians if you will and forces in place that balance things and assist humanity.

Until David Icke can attest to the fact he has infant memory of either brown hooded entities or black hooded ones around his damn cradle he needs to butt out of these affairs.

Its fine to inquire, be curious or concerned. We are in an age where this was bound to happen and secret things become revealed but he isn’t just observing or informing.

He’s behaving like a dragonslayer or a vampire hunter..which means he himself therefore must have a blood line connection himself. If that is the case then he is going to answer for his actions at some point.  If he is merely a conman or an agent of disinfo then he will eventually be exposed.

Whether he’s just confused or full of sh*t either way his theories wont stand up to Time.

I say he’s heavy disinfo, but I am not sure if he’s fully aware or if he’s controlled by handlers.

What he neglects to inform the public of is that there are ‘reptilians’ if you insist on that ridiculous term, that are always in place to assist mankind as well as those who destroy or exploit.

I believe that the ultimate goal if Icke’s campaign is to hide the truth as it was always hidden from the general public but in an age where it is bound to get revealed eventually.

Whatever the entitiies are, the varying forms if them that perhaps do quantum leap or through thought transference come to inhabit human forms for a lifetime or multiple ones…they as a whole have provided for humanity, built civilization and given humans form and structure where perhaps there would only have been a dark reality of stone age humans.

They have kept the earth this long and assisted humans, saved them, healed them, cared for them and countered the actions of their own kind to protect them.

If Icke has begun a witch hunt for ‘reptilians’ he may just destroy the positive or helpful factions or brotherhoods in the process.  In fact he may just be working in the interest if entities that want to silence the benign entities involved.

There is one theory that is a long shot: mankind needs to lower population and get settled out into space and Mars for instance for the ultimate survival of the species. Accomplishing this is not pleasant nor easy.
This might be what they are trying to accomplish.

It would be interesting to see what would happen to man on this planet without things like mathematics, geometry, structure, law, etc. It might resemble a prehistoric reality or that of just animals.

What Icke doesn’t get from his research, is that these beings are what biblical angels are made of..BOTH kinds. Delivering messages to man as well as giving him forbidden knowledge.

Icke is decidedly paranoid and can even be percieved as evil. His message of universal love leaves out thousands of years of history from various religions around the world concerning the shining ones, reptile gods, messangers, healers, angels etc. Do you honestly believe that a world would be created with such supposedly dark sinister beings without a counter legion? And it doesn’t even work that way. Its  very varied with some entities existing in duality dealing with dark and light. On this subject matter, Hubbard with Scientology was actually more accurate. I have heard it concerns a theory of ancient alien ‘ghosts’  posessing people. Well I suppose alien ghosts is a very twisted way of percieving these beings who sound like they re incarnate not by dying but by jumping or leaping upon death..which would explian why the bodies need to be close in DNA make up. Thus ‘bloodlines’.

These are ALL theories. For all we know these experiences could all be deceptions..programming put into the minds of mc slaves for us to work off of in our tasks in this life.

Who knows? I know one thing….Icke needs to stop being so negative about what he calls reptilians. If they are ancient star people why would they all be so evil and unpleasant? How do you explain the mysterious good that occurs? Or the close calls, the protection, the miracles etc?

Devoid of religion we have positive entities present obviously. Is Icke insinuating with his work that not only are all spiritual entities on earth from starseed ‘evil’ but also that it is HE exclusively that can show us and teach us about loving spiritual energy?

Icke and other New Agers need to give it up and realize there has always been positive energies on earth, long before he came along.

I know he’s perhaps trying to break through this latest darkness and attempts at enslavement but starting a war on royals and reptilians or any other beings isn’t the way to be most helpful.

These things have always been, they’re ancient.

The point is to focus on what you can change like the weapons and technologies that make mass mind control possible.

Its not the magician one must destroy its to unravel his tricks. If we do so, then those tricks wont work no matter who is in place to rule.

No bloodliner is a totally innocent entity. There is alot of power involved, enough to cause psychic havoc on this planet, which is why everyone is controlled with programming.

Its how the energy is used and many of these ‘reptilians’ are tortured and turned negative.

One must ask who is doing THAT bit? Who are the handlers and the manipulators and the programmers.

If every political person was 100% evil, don’t you think the public would sense this and not want them in power? Its the people you don’t see, and I can’t tell you about that as I don’t know.

But he picks on such obvious people. What’s really dangerous are the political and power entities behind these people.

Icke is at best irresponsible. Who knows what kind of vigilante nutjobs in the military or otherwise are going to attempt to hunt down beings that might actually be here to counter the actions of the dark sides?

He needs to get in there and fight the real problems going on now or stop spewing off about nonsense.

I know the Bush era was horrible. I suffer daily. But his crackpot style and his careless handling of ancient knowledge only makes it harder to live through this era. Its good he has brought attention to this and provided a platform but his carelessness is dangerous.

What kind of statement is that, that if you look at George or Laura Bush they look like you or me.
No they don’t they look like the Queen. I can see the family resemblance in all of their faces. Even Kate has a very subtle resemblance to prince William at times, they share  a distant cousin.

These things are not so unusual..humans often react positively in recognition to other humans that share DNA even if its unknown to them and unconscious. Its a normal primitive behavior.  We favor people who resemble us or our family members..its how the monkey in us understands love as opposed to being evolved and human and perhaps extending love or consideration to those unfamiliar to us.

Focus on the deeds of the Illuminati not the beings themselves. You might shoot yourself in the foot with that one. And Icke doesn’t have a corner market on universal loving energy…its always around. He is correct that they can form such a miserable reality that you live in a Hellish existence.

That is what has gone too far now is mass mind control.g


~ by onmc on April 21, 2011.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.