A Vid On The Illuminati In Entertianment Industry and Blood Sacrifices

This vid was very good. The theories on Ritual Abuse are worth listening too. I forget how adamant black culture is about seeing whats going on behind what we see.  Afro Centrism has some ridiculous theories but alot of this theory that works off of actual events of organized crime and cons makes alot more sense and seems more realistic.

I believe this theory of blood sacrifice has merit to it. I see enough of the symbols of Illuminati involvement as well as have experienced first hand people around me gathering together in order to have me put into this situation and then everyone involved seemed to get these wonderful opportunities. Much of the full length video has racist overtones that dont really make alot of sense. One of the speakers believes he’s an Israelite and the next speaker seems suspect of Jews. What I posted it for was the behind the scenes events, the dynamics as well as the info on blood sacrifice which seems to fit in very well with many TI’s experience especially RA survivors.

From being a programmed MC slave whos an expendable I can say first hand that Beyonce fits the bill for being a beautiful mind controlled slave herself maybe a high priestess. Women like her are born into these positions and, in a way, she IS the sacrifice. She seems to be protected and handed from father to husband. I recall seeing vid or pics of people around her basically acting like handlers. I suppose she could be involved willingly and have sacrificed someone we dont know about. I dont know about the scene to have information.

I am glad to see that this subject matter is being tackled with the same spirit as other issues in the past by African Americans. Its just that we get no exposure to this now. Many of us feel sold out by black culture and I knew that it was this Illuminati based black culture but its so prevalent now and so hard accept. White Illuminati always kept things much more in the back ground. Having it at street level is just more than a mind can handle.

I know there are college stations that play underground rap. I know there are people doing work on this from the black community but there are so many more jerks out there and many common people literally WORSHIP these people in Hip Hop or African American music right now that its like they are members of this black Illuminati by proxy.
And not being a Christian due to my programming and RA history makes it much harder. But, thats the way I am wired.

One has to realize that there are Masonic or Sun Cult forces in existence who rival this faction. But much has been done to destroy or silence these. Note that much Masonic architecture is being destroyed and in its place is electromagnetic or technology.
On the east coast of the USA specifically Masonic architecture creates an energy grid where certain people born Sun Cult find that they can gain energy, like that of the sun off of these grids. illuminating energy. Much has been done with technologies to block these grids or destroy their ability to transfer this energy.

One local example is the MIT building. Its very Masonic and energy can definitely be gained there. One part of the building in particular seems to have the qualities of an inner temple. Down the great hallway there is a middle section, all marble, that has three doors going to the outside. Its so charged that when I walk through this area I instinctively take my hat off or turn off any black metal I may be listening too automatically out of respect. Roboticly I put my hat back on when exiting this area. It seems to be an older part of the building and it feels like it. Years ago, there was a definite presence of nourishing energy there. I felt that alot of people’s reactions including my own were being watched. Once it was clear that this area was ‘charged’, a big screen TV appeared in this section and much of that energy has dissipated due to the presence of that technology.

This is also what they are doing with things like trying to break codes of ancient geometry or deconstruct the Mona Lisa. To take apart and destroy these structures is to destroy what little remains that nourishes the benevolent Masonic entities who are on earth. If you want to call it Reptilian go ahead its stupid though. But if you must, then there are helpful ‘reptilian’ entities and there are ones that simply want to destroy and enslave mankind. There is your answer.
People like David Icke actually assist this destructive faction by labeling all Reptilian entities or influences as malevolent. Its no surprise to me that when I started the deprogramming process in earnest in 2003, one of the first Survivor excerpts I read was from Icke’s sight…which promptly disappeared upon me getting serious and digging into research. Great timing once again eh? In fact it became very hard to find any info on MC slavery on his sight after that, where at one time it was easy to access.

Thanks for posting this. All that black and red everywhere. I just didnt want to face it. It also bothers me that normal human beings not born into this spiritual battle can just enter into such a faction and gain power by simply using rituals such as sacrifices to do so.

From my experience and other RA Survivors this is actually feasible. Its sad for me to have to accept that the people around me gave into such a thing. But I was warned many years ago, back in 1997: “There will come a time in the future when men will turn on each other to survive” and the dream along with it was pretty graphic. And its all come true…the horror is here now. The horror may just be in the idea that its in our faces now. They flaunt it, which leaves us no relief and no place to retreat to. Youd have to be a hermit now to avoid being involved in this..or live as I do.

I never believed the bible and I still dont believe in Christianity- but I believe that book is useful for prediction. It seems that its either coming true or some powerful faction is using it as a guide for self fulfilling prophecy. Whats next? Every living thing in the sea dying from radiation perhaps or microchips being that mark of the beast prophecy? I hate the sound of those prophecies, they are so…epic. It makes man and his Will sound so helpless, so small, which we are NOT. I suppose people living as I do might be best prepared to NOT have to accept such a chip to survive. Dont know, all I know is that I see so many shady people from all walks of life wearing black and red in the cities. And I dont mean the imitators who are wearing it and dont know why.

If one has trouble accepting such an idea as truly being in existence then just look at it like a massive psychological operation: one big Jonestown. A major cult brainwashing campaign becuz essentially thats what it is.

Pt 1: http://youtu.be/hFXXA0bM0u0
Pt 2: http://youtu.be/0dZ7DNpG51E
Pt 3: Dont bother with this, it only contains preaching. Seriously, you dont want to see this if you take occult studies seriously.


~ by onmc on April 26, 2011.

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