Kate And WIlliams Marriage

At first I thought that Prince William getting married was a good thing. It will heal all of whats gone on in the past. But now looking at all the hupla and posters there is something weird about it.
It could just be my being suspect of anything made into an ‘event’.

I also thought that Kate’s similarity to myself was really great. Brunette, large facial bones, tough yet humorous and steady etc etc. Sometimes her resemblance to me in photos of her not smiling is a bit eerie.

Yet they look so cute together. And he has been so patient with her, not rushing her or throwing her to the wolves right off. Times have changed and he seems to represent that change.

I hope it works out and perhaps is healing. Ive been through so much its just I dont want anything to happen to me before I get this book out. Maybe Ill go into hiding the week of the wedding to insure no mysterious accidents occur.

I want my revenge and I want my closure as well.

You have to remember that I was being messed with by rich powerful people in occult ways that I did not fully understand. When someone wishes to suck the life out of you literally by ritual means its a very shocking experience. I wasnt chased out to AZ to the lat and long of 33 by 111 for just coincidence while a cabal of creepy Neo Cons in with Bush were in power. Then they replace Romney with Palin who also somehow reminded me of myself. But she got totally dumped on especially by NY and the Jewish community in entertainment who seemed to love Obama. I know it sounds like the worst case of delusion ever but Ritual Abuse does exist. Its very feasible that having someone who is and expendable mind controlled slave but who is still bloodline makes for a great sacrifice or source of life essence to steal. This is the way the Illuminati works. And I am very stubborn about ‘accepting my situation’ which of course I suspected even back when this was said to me in 2006, consists of being exploited and not trying to gain my life back. I just didnt realize it was so tied into ritual.

No one is going to steal years off my life and take my energy from me repeatedly and hand it over to various bloodliners who, it seems, need it more than I do type attitude.

I bumble through this constantly and only understand that something seems off or sense I am being exploited or robbed of what is mine. The problem is I dont understand the rituals involved. I have a better idea now but I still dont know how to defend myself.

Like I posted before this system via covert means steals intellectual property constantly from slaves who are brilliant or intelligent. Why not steal life force? If it were possible and you were a thief , why would you not? Its like a ready source of energy.
This might be the number one reason that I was never allowed to stand up on my own two feet. Veal is rarely allowed out of the iron barred box to keep it trapped and tender. Plus it stands to reason that you cant steal something that is in use by some one else.

Its just a theory.

I am hoping that if anything there is some positive effect from this marriage.

Whats odd is that the marriage itself and the couple strike me as positive. What gives me a premonition of the creeps is the signs, the posters and the marketing of the ‘event’. Its the event that has meaning not the human couple.

If that helps at all go for it. Lets hope its a happy occasion for everyone.


~ by onmc on April 26, 2011.

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