I do believe I just answered my own question….

While watching the vid of Paul Bonacci there were moments where he sounded like he was not being truthful as I was listening to it while looking at another window.  When he says he’s never seen an FBI agent before now. If he is compartmentalized he might know this is a lie subconsciously but his front alter is telling the truth.

I think he is a programming survivor as hes got the right look and his story sounds right. But there is and always has been something about Gunderson I just dont trust.   Something about him.  Also when I came forward years ago and started doing activism and seeking answers I was from the very beginning shoved aside, targeted heavily and given many indications within the TI community and the mind control survivor community that I was being turned away at the door basically. I could NEVER understand this.. EVER.

I found this and it was enlightening:

Also as i did some research I stumbled upon the answer as to what is off about Sheen being buddies with Jones and how Jones has always been a bit off to me, and him being with Sheen doesnt make sense if Sheen is in on Two and A Half Men which was a total psy ops show for me at least and I am sure other TI’s. It brought its writers thier first awards in thier careers, during the time period when everyone who screwed me over was getting REwarded with awards.

I now believe I understand the situation alot better:

After reading the second page on Sheen I sat in the library seat, shocked, and just held onto the table, breathed. For the first time in years tears came streaming down my face as I discovered the truth about yet another deception.
It makes sense. The great thing about all this is that my intuition kept telling me that there was something off about this or that or a certain relationship or a person or someone’s testimony.
I think that’s why I was targeted so heavily and not even allowed to deprogram and reprogram myself as well as see a hypnotist. Becuz what these people all fear is quite obvious: strong female intuition. As well as psychic abilities.

My grandmother is from Cork. Dont know if that has any connection but it freaked me out to see Martin ‘Sheen’s’ maternal grandfather was from Cork and IRA. Read the entire page on Estevez and his taking the name Sheen.
I had seen Bishop Fulton Sheen’s sermons before. They were more like dramatic performances and I just took this as the way gay flamboyant men got thier camp urges out in a world where gay was still described as ‘shy’ way back in the closet days. However, there was something mesmerizing about his speeches that was not good at all. A kind of mind control to them. He also looks like a sort of Dracula in a way which weirds me out, he has this darkness to him.
On that website it specifically shows Bishop Sheen with a Catholic official connected to Hitler. And THAT is what I sensed about his speeches. Study vids of Hitler’s speeches and you will see the similarities in mass mind control tactics on an audience. I used to be amused at these speeches as Id watch Catholic TV occasionally when I lived at 335 Washington. Sometimes to get me out of depression as certain shows one could get a bit of positive out of and sometimes for amusement or historical value like the old vids of his performances. But what I disliked about them, is now what I understand to be mass mind control tactics. He just seemed too demanding:

A Hitler speech with English subtitles:
Hitler was much more dynamic, artful, energetic and consistent. Many preachers speak as these two do but these men have styles that seemed to always gain the public’s attention and keep it. Real rock stars eh? And the way Hitler is filmed visually as well as the props and design of the surroundings create a multi layered reality, whereas Sheen is a one dimensional figure speaking on a stage front facing.

What is most eerie is if you look at the pics provided in the website and compare Bishop Sheen’s face to Martin (Estevez) Sheen’s face, there is some kind of resemblance. I cant say its genetic but it sure the hell might be spiritual or possession of some kind. Actors are often sponges that have this ability to take on other’s characteristics. I have personally noted both John Travolta and Tom Cruise in at least one photo each I viewed, taking on the persona of L. Ron Hubbard and it could easily be seen within thier faces.
You have to be careful with actors, they often dont even realize they are doing anything deceptive its just thier nature. Once you understand this about them its much easier to deal with them in any given situation, especially an investigation where deceptions can mess up an entire body of work if not accounted for. There is also a chance of ritual abuse being involved in this.

Here is the most chilling video of all I stumbled upon. There is a reason I could never fully blame Bush nor the Bush family or hate on George Bush even though through him being president it was the worst time in my life. Firstly he seems genuine when speaking about people. Speaking in a caring way.
He also reveals in this vid that he does indeed work for powerful entities as part of his job. I always thought he was a scapegoat and I was right. Its the institutions and power structures that have him taking the heat. Look at this interview. The man doing the interview reminds me of a handler or mind control expert just in the way he’s talking to Bush. The way he cues him. And the last part “what do you see in the Pope’s eyes?” is most chilling, with the answer demanded, given then rewarded. What a bastard this guy is. Arrogant as hell too:

The man doing the interviewing reminds me of another character wrapped up into this subject matter not just in looks but in mannerisms: Michael Aquino. VERY much so. Except the Catholic guy is way more arrogant and annoying.

I have learned long ago not to try to judge anyone in this by religion or possible smear campaigns due to the heavy use of deception. Aquino’s stare and blinking often remind me of programming. Remember he was in the military for years and I have experienced that many people coming out of the military have ticks in thier body language as a result of training and the use of mind control within the service.
(I wish I had seen this before. I wonder if that is good advice, to expose people who are harassing you. In my case it was used to get me to blab to get me killed and my programming is about protecting information not giving it out freely. And the perps know that too thus they way this has been tailored).

What I see isnt about God or the Devil or religion. It looks like a hell of alot of people under mind control and programming. I see now what is meant by those videos that are titled ‘Bush meets his new boss the Pope’. I dont think that the Church is his only boss, I think he served many special interest groups, like any other president. It was just particularly nasty thats all. Watch the interview with Bush closely. Stop the tape and play it in seconds to watch eye movements and facial expressions. Its like Bush knows this guy is a gay pompous control freak ass and Mr Arrogant senses for a second that this president has a mean streak and he’s not all powerful. Its pretty amusing when you slow it down.

Well, I am forever grateful to SpirituallySmart.com maybe now I can finish my expose and get on with my life. Who says our activism is useless and no one is listening? Helped me today thats for sure.


~ by onmc on May 8, 2011.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

The Dirtiest Secret Behind Child Abuse

Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.