Barbara Hartwell Has A New Blog Connected To Her Old

Barbara Hartwell, one of the survivors if mind control who was part of the group who came out in the 90s, seems to have a new website which is an extension of her earlier work, her original blog.

As you know I spent little time trying to figure out who is a disinfo agent and who is not, becuz I do not have the resources to do thorough investigation.

I usually take what’s usable from each activist and try to find truth or at least formulate something useful for my readers and my own case as well.

Each person brings something useful.

Gunderson had posted a piece of information that was invaluable to me years ago and may have saved my life being targeted. Hartwell has mentioned things in her research that were experiences I had no one else seemed to mention or deem significant.

Yet, both of these people have claim against each other for being disinfo agents.

What is someone in my position supposed to think? 

I just continue to take what I can from each person that’s usable.

The only time I post something about people being disinfo agents is when its glaringly obvious or when things don’t add up- such as Alex Jones supposedly being ‘one of us’ yet hanging around with and being  character witness for Charlie Sheen who was so closely involved with certain things that were overtly psy ops material. Then one could say he was duped but his next move also reeked of foul. In these instances if one researches these inconsistencies one usually finds that there is another activist out there who has formulated theory that sounds reasonable.

The problem with the set up targets are stuck in is that if its simply covert ops the point is to never allow lower ranks to have all the pieces to the puzzle allowing select upper ranks to maintian control, or if its human experimentation, the perpetrators are certainly more educated as psychologists than anyone being used as an experimentee (but of  course lack the human emotions or spirit of normal people).
The TI is usually isolated anyway and the gang stalking system is many.

I would check out her new site, and as with any other in this game I would use caution, trust no one and sift through info carefully.


~ by onmc on May 13, 2011.

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