Blackwater-Christian Supremacy or Cover For Dark Forces

I have been so targeted for years that Blackwater really didn’t register like it should have. Nor did it stand out as important. I even did a piece on them trying to claim the Templar heritage for themselves as being bogus.

I didn’t know all this about them:

Well that would explain alot of things connected to religion involved in this. And trying to totally beat me down as a female.

These people are focusing on a certain era of the Templars and only on their connections to warfare.

Ok then how does one explain the Satanic activity involved?  The same psy ops factions were posing as Satanists before I countered that with my occult knowledge and then the system started pushing Christianity. So what gives?

Perhaps off of a fringe website, we can get an interesting theory:

Enough of theories on the occult end of things, let’s go to what is part of the ‘real world’-like actual legal proceedings:

So that piece I published recently with the loose put together theories by a blogger connecting Sheen’s  family and others to the Catholic Church were not so off base.
CIA is tied in….augh. This makes more sense now but ads to alot of pressure to create new black projects theories based on info I know coupled with this new info.

It’s also very disheartening: I now have to consider my once far off theory that many memories I have that are occult or spiritual in nature are simply fabricated as part of programming.

I am approaching a line here where I am going to have to ask which side is real, believing in higher forces influencing events through decades ago planning for who was to be involved in this….or simply very artful programmers convincing human minds that spiritual beings exist via creating such sequences of programming to run their course within human minds?

We are approaching territory here that is going to end up questioning the existence of some very established ideas of spiritual beings.

That is what man gets for creating tech that amounts to nothing more than yet another tower of Babel.

Its no wonder the founding fathers pretended to be atheist..its just easier that way.

Its laughable that a bunch of men were ever going to tell me what to do.  This explains being raped by tech in 2008 or 2009 with the sentiment “men rule the world, don’t ever forget that” while being paralyzed and unable to move.

It explains why religion figured so heavily. However I don’t understand why Nazi sympathizers and Satanic factions figured so prominently? Either the military and these guys are full of it and that theory above is correct about anti Templars or false Templars or these factions were trying to frame up certain Satanic factions and make them appear responsible. I am leaning towards the first theory. I think the commonality is Nazi sympathies, as in trying to build the super soldier and Project Paperclip. I want to make it simple and theorize that certain Satanic factions from Europe were disgusted by such a prospect as a  hristian military take over and actually worked to block them from influencing certain people. But the truth is that again Nazi sympathies seem to be in common on both sides and the search for the super man or soldier. Also the mysogeny on both sides is hopeless, another commonality.

Also the CIA is tied in so its back to MK Ultra as connected to human experimentation rooted in the Nazis via Project Paperclip.


~ by onmc on May 14, 2011.

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