Britney Spears New Life

Brittney on cover of celebrity rag:

She looks terrible. They really did a job on her. I have seen pics of how beautiful she was and this is not the same woman:

Still trained to take pics a certain way for the cameras. Its painfully obvious in this pic, strained even:

Give me a break. Is this where it ends up? Symbolism noted.

Those are all the pics from the layout. They got to her when she was still young and they did a job on her.

I believe she was starting to investigate spirituality, which of course if she woke up and used her celebrity influence, she would have become dangerous to the system. Psychic and spiritual powerhouses locked away in little girls bodies cannot be allowed to awaken and grow to thier full potential in womanhood, especially one’s 30’s. They were SCARED of her, thats for sure.


~ by onmc on May 16, 2011.

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