Lynard Skynard Rock Band: Infamous ‘Street Survivors’ Album Cover

I know this has been done before, people commenting on how eerie this set up in this situation is. However with what I know now, and alot of Targeted Survivors as well as the general public know now, its not eerie at all. This is the way it goes.

All the indications are there. This entire situation seems ritual in nature.

Symbols, timing-its all there. There is nothing to ponder, no mystery about any of this. Sadly, the way the world is now, we can no longer dream or be in a haze about the nature of these things. Its right here in front of us.
This link explains the circumstances of the photo shoot for the infamous cover shot:

This site gives details of the members and circumstances involved in detail to clarify.

Note in the original ‘fire’ cover shot that Rossington seems to be forming a shape purposefully with his hands. It could be interpreted as a Masonic symbol due to it looking triangular. It could just be a dramatic pose…but still.
As you can read in the tribute page, all the ‘oddities’ are there, which, when taken into consideration with ritual and order are not so odd after all. In fact its a bit to orderly. To consider this situation merely eerie is naivety.

Even the shared birthdate with the guitarist who left is eerie. I wonder if he was either warned or very smart..or intuitive. The singer having nightmares that kept her off the plane is also the norm in these situations.

Heavy tolls are extracted for such position on life. I cannot say if this is always the case in our world or just with some individuals or groups or in certain circumstances.
Whoever took this photo knew what they were doing or something was quite inspiring on that day. The fact this pic was put on the back of the album seems like that was its original intended place to begin with, as when that is done, the entire thing falls together as a work of art.

To the people who are part of these things, death is merely part of the artwork, if not a major artwork in itself. Whats eerie is not the symbolic or ritualistic nature of such artworks in these situations but the way in which artist’s work is so affected and thier legacies built on death itself and what seems like the purposeful manipulation of death.

(I apologize if this piece has brought back any unpleasantness for anyone but I feel its one of the more compelling examples and needs to be exhibited as such. Very compelling.)


~ by onmc on June 12, 2011.

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