Cutting Through Hypnosis Is Another Purpose Of Gang Stalking

I have noticed that another purpose of gang stalking is to get a mind control Survivor out of hypnotic states and that means self hypnosis used for healing and coping.
I finally understood why they show you do unbelievable things or expose you to “how the world really works” as one perp put it-because they want you to not have any illusions left as most people do, to block reality or shield the mind. The filtering systems that most people have such as religious belief, belief in family members such as ‘mother’, ‘father’ etc or faith in political leaders etc. Even faith in humanity. This is why alot of the Satanism being marketed to the public in pop culture now is deceptive. The reality of Satanism at its core is abuse plain and simple. Yet abuse and exploitation ans suffering is what enables Americans to have the quality of life they do as well.

The only thing shielding people from this reality is their filtering systems. Denial, mis or disinformation as well as their faith in other things, people or things that seem ‘good’ and functional.

Survivors of programming have always utilized hypnosis,  set up as children within them but by adulthood partially self hypnosis to deal with pain of all kinds, and the reality of their situations. Survivors can self hypnosis naturally.  The gang stalking process takes this away and its aim is to destroy it completely.


~ by onmc on July 15, 2011.

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