Brides Of Satan

No one believes Ritual Abuse victims anyway especially when the cult involvement becomes covert, so that the contact with the person is through either ritual, covert means like gang stalking etc or using the gang stalking system which is sadistic, ritualistic and all about cult mind control. Interestingly the public only believes in ritual abuse cases when it involves sloppy, easily caught, low level type satanic sects who get caught with paraphenelia and overtly committing crimes that make the news.

The satanic sects connected to powerful factions such as military, the elite and so on have gone covert. Technologies are used and black ops/psy ops type covert activity- very stealth and very hard for anyone to believe. Despite evidence of satanic RA even in overt situations that make the news, people dont believe. Many believe in the interest of PC towards religions the myth put forth by the Recovered Memory Syndrome organization and campaigns. They cannot accept that this system exists and it does not consist of all satanic factions. Yet I have discovered what anyone should have understood al along: many simply lie. We live in this bizarre era where deceptions are either accepted and tolerated though people are aware or its denied that such deception exists.

This blog was interesting to find. What stood out to me is the idea of having to be a widow and an orphan. It makes sense as to why I had to be isolated so severely. Why it was so important to rip my family from me permanently. And my feelings about my ex often have been that he was akin to a husband of sorts and he died, which I never stated publicly yet perps, such as ones that worked in the Hayden (ironic name eh?) library at MIT years ago, as I had posted about harassment in that location from staff, would often put forth those concepts as harassment. That I thought of my dead husband often so obviously I had some issues or some other intimation of being mentally ill, defective etc.

To discover that so many people are so very bad natured, that evil truly exists in its most brutal forms among us, and worst of all, so many people seem involved is a strange revelation.

But being reactionary and becoming a Christian might be the worst counter move one could choose. If this is truly about the Will then giving in to religion out of weakness or fear or weariness is unwise.

I realize more and more as I live through this and it progresses, as my conditioning over the last many years acts itself out under increasing mass mind control in major cities and varying locations- that I may have had some strong qualities but most likely I was simply sold into this system. I have a strong nature but I dont have any knowledge of how the satanic end of this works, I seem to just be victim of it.

I dont have any proper knowledge of the ritual involved. As I discover things over time I realize that mostly for the sake of ritual things have happened to me the way they have or conditions were created or I was forced to play things out a certain way specifically for ritual’s sake. To create this reality that these groups want to manifest.

It seems so ridiculous- the stuff of low budget old horror movies. Yet its turned out to be real- and fairly simple.

The public’s greatest hurdle is buying into the idea that people would want, willfully to be part of such a deity or force. There is no accounting for taste. Nor the various reasons why people act out in these realities as they do.

I was shocked at how little information the public is left with. That people have gross misconceptions about how this works or even if its real or not. Its amazing.

It seems that during Bush, some sort of gates were opened- perhaps symbolized by the twin towers being destroyed. That would make sense. Thus bringing in the ‘satanic age’. I wouldnt believe it either if there wasnt footage of persons associated with satanism bragging about such things. Again, they laugh in their victim’s faces by knowing the public will NOT believe such things truly exist or have any power over thier daily lives. Or perhaps the public is too eager to simply act out ancient primitive patterns and accept that human sacrifices are necessary to appease powerful forces that rule the material reality on earth or supporting that concept in some form.

During Bush some powerful forces were unleashed. Now it seems these forces want to remain stealth, as if the masses have accepted these forces as part of the reality we live in.


~ by onmc on August 4, 2011.

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