ALPHAS- Another Media Cover Show

Great, another show to mess with TI’s heads especially those targeted in relation to human experimentation or programming.

Doll House wasnt enough. Burn Notice wasnt cruel (and badly casted/acted) enough. HOUSE wasnt arrogant and smug enough. The Bourne Identity movies and books didnt rip us off enough, especially during the sensitive Bush era.

There are a few other specific shows that obviously exist solely to screw with TI’s minds as part of a mass TI psych warfare media campaign.

The main purpose of these types of shows is to rip the Target’s meaning and identity from them.

If someone is making a fake show about Alphas and the script is so close to what we have experienced overtly over these many years since Bush and experienced subconshusly before that, then its as if WE, the real life systematically ignored characters dont matter. We dont exist.

The message is to make Targets feel as if our individual lives are meaningless- its about the masses. The system. Society’s structure. That our small sacrifices are all for the larger society. That we should give in and realize that the masses are happier watching this on TV than to acknowledge this in real life.

It also serves to blind the public against truth. For instance, many people in the public are so brainwashed or of different intelligence or perception than us, that if explained our situation and experiences to them, they may simply look up for a moment then say “Oh its like Alphas” or the show they saw that illustrates these concepts to them. They then will be much more apt to disbelieve us telling them the truth becuz thier perception of such a reality has already been made hazy and unreal by a television show.

They will have a point of reference for the real life experiences we are providing yet that reference point has already been defined by ‘the machine’ or system if you will.

And what is so annoying about that show is that the Alphas are the bad guys hating on lesser humans even dipicted as terrorists in the episode I just saw (Rosetta) which I didnt choose to put on and only watched bits and pieces of out of sheer disgust.

The girl in the show who was autistic claimed that there was a movement to attempt to wipe out any future Alphas being born by creating genetic engineering of babies and treating Alphas like birth defects.

Its total bullshit becuz THIER human experimentation with radiation, MK Ultra, programming all that stuff rooted in Nazi human experimentation and the occult, is most likely what brings on supposed ‘Alphas’ to begin with. They dont tell you THAT in the show do they. Youd be more informed about what TI’s are coming from by watching Firestarter with Drew Barrymore. But exposing corruption and fighting the system tooth and nail is SOOOO old skool, so 70’s. Nowadays people are satisfied to believe that corruption either doesnt exist, is being cleaned up as we speak (as one can plainly see in the newspapers since Obama..which conveniently stops any questions about Bush era war crimes, when you now APPEAR to be cleaning up govt corruption).

Nowadays the Alphas are repped as being outsiders, loners, freaks you cant trust who are banning together like terrorists and cant be trusted.
It has been one of the main goals of this entire era it seems, to brainwash the public through any means necessary into believing that anyone persecuted by the powers that be becomes a terrorist and that is akin to simply refusing to obey authority which in the end is right in its thinking and actions. These are extremely dangerous concepts and worst of all- its worked.

People believe that a New kind of Order-liness to our World is the answer to humanity’s problems.

And when you are enslaved you really dont understand anymore this is untrue. Many slaves become so dedicated to the oppressor and so dumbed down that they truly believe in what the Massa says. An entire culture full of happy slaves- and house slaves to guard them and protect the Massa’s world in which they live.

To refer to me or any other TI who fights back as a “trouble maker” is totally manipulative and inaccurate. Yet that is what many people believe.

Rebellious stereotypes were so burned out by the 60’s that people actually percieve rebellion against oppressive authority as not only dated but childish, something childish from the very childlike 60’s era. Its connected to being irresponsible.

Rebellion nowadays is MARKETED to the public as innately wrong and something from the past fueled by drugs and a world that didnt have good ol Big Pharma getting psychiatrists to tell everyone they have disorders. The fact that a disorder now exists called ‘defiance disorder’ is a red flag. This kind of thinking is actually applied to adults countering serious abuses of power in society. No one can take rebellion seriously anymore. Charlie Rose’s (did I get some interesting ideations about him. Not nice ones either. He doesnt seem like the type but who knows?) comment to Naomi Klein referring to her work: “Grow up” is enough of an indication that people believe rebellion is something that was in fashion and now is simply getting in the way of real progress in our world.

The sad thing is that true ‘alphas’ if you will, are perhaps poked and probed much like abductions, to find out what makes them tick especially anyone programmed- and then systematically and very purposefully destroyed so they cannot be alphas anymore.
I believe this is a smokescreen to hide the continuance of Paper Clip’s original intentions: to follow up and complete the dream of creating the super man formulated by the Nazi’s but now being progressed by who knows what factions.

I think they are full of shit when they tell someone like me that I am a ‘mule’ (a psychic that pops up out of nowhere). I think that more cover story bs. I think they know exactly who is who and if not then our world truly does have a serious problem with private entities using and abusing what was once only accessible to govt entities or state actors. If indeed the gang stalkers are private sector or rogue.

This show is just more propaganda to haze over what is going on in reality in the world of black projects and to brainwash the public into believing once again any entity or group that fights official or corporate powers are evil, terrorists or negative in nature. That like COPS, authority is always good and behaves professionally. Which is utter nonsense and totally unrealistic.

Enslavement of man can only be pulled off if the slaves have total child like faith in thier Masters who of course reward them with American Idol and Survivor- giving THEM the spotlight, making THEM feel talented and special, so they will be more apt to do the system’s bidding in destroying anyone individual who is as such.

Its a very cozy relationship they have nowadays. Its totally NOT like the 60’s. Who needs to spread LSD and confusion when you now have MINDWAR realized through tech and in house brainwashing via television.
Getting everyone off illicit drugs was brilliant. Now the State provides the drugs: psych meds mixed with whatever fun drugs the doc will give you as long as you take something prescribed for a disorder and mob validating shows which make faceless masses of average people feel good. As long as they stay on the side of this authority figure, its guarenteed they will have this good life, instead of having to do horrible things like self govern, be self actualized or take responsibility for thier actions as adults or be responsible to their fellow citizens (not just neighborhood watch which is just animal territoriality). The public no longer see the law as being a attractive or necessary.

Just becuz there are advances in tech and science doesnt mean that humans have collectively higher intelligence- they have alot more awareness thats all. And reality has been handed to them in a way that makes lives like ours their entertainment. The public have far too much power nowadays and its only becuz its been made easy to be aware. If they had to hunt, research and fight like TI’s do there would be alot less people in on these campaigns.

And the only reason that TI’s do indeed resemble the terrorist like character in the video of “Rosetta” episode of “Alphas” is becuz we have been persecuted and pushed into identifying the problem and realizing there are others like us. Then realizing where the oppression is coming from, realizing that a great portion of the public are in on this and are serving the agenda of much higher forces. What else would one expect such people to do? The same thing is done to Palestinians or the Irish etc etc. Anyone who defends themselves against the more popular entity is considered wrong in thier actions. Its not about law or reason. Its about favoritism and popularity. Just as you suspected the public are not thinking critically- they are acting like animals being run by the elite. All the powers have to do is to market one side or the other as unpopular- done. Your counter moves in reasonable self defense is terrorism and you are an awful person or group of persons or type of person as well as arrogant, full of yourself etc etc.

The mob is a terrible thing and they obviously have not lost thier low brow tastes for public hangings and executions. They simply smugly do so now through tech,believing somehow this makes them ‘evolved’.

And many shows like this are used simply to cover for black projects that use black budgets or taxpayer monies and break alot of international laws on war crimes. So a smear of thier victims is necessary.

Its not about people in society dealing with people like us, its about they being as they always were and this time they can get paid or favors for assisting in the public hanging. Believe me, for them its better than porn.


~ by onmc on August 6, 2011.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.