Cell Phone Tower Maps


http://www.antennasearch.com/ (Takes a while but more detailed information)

Looking at the first site made me feel a bit more validated. Every section and location or point I had mapped out using an MBTA map to show my experience with what feels like ‘remote influence’ within the metro BOSTON area on the OnGangStalking blog matches up with the coverage areas. (‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ seems like a cover at this point doesnt it? Or at least a convenient way to put all the TIs in with the truly hypersensitive, if there is such a group that isnt targeted on purpose).

I am staying in an area where there is less coverage than within the city limits proper of Cambridge, Boston.  I feel that, yet there is a different type of influence here, most likely from satellite TV which believe it or not I am very sensitive too. I dont even like being in a trucker’s rig that has satellite tracking or even SIRIUS radio! I can tell believe me. Recently our host changed his system router or box to a new one and since yesterday when this occurred I have experienced the burning sensations in different parts of my body and a now repetitive sharp pain in my lower abdomen.
Strangely in poor areas in the northeast anyway, everyone as these dishes on thier buildings, as if they cant get cable or something.

Yet the effects I experience in Boston proper, as in the coverage map, are very little out here.

What exists here for me now is satellite from Comcast and a Sysco router. Not good. Also since the change yesterday I have felt as if there is some capacity for someone- somewhere to watch or monitor the inside of the apartment. This seems to eminate from the satellite system or big screen HD tv itself.

This all sounds very paranoid indeed. Yet since my very overt experiences living under NEXTEL’s cell towers located on top of 335 Washington St in Brighton MA, and being obviously tortured, terrorized, spooked, burned and given horrifying dreams and visions as well as my experiences traveling over these last years, I can say with confidence that these technologies are not only damaging to ‘hypersensitive’ humans and persons working in close contact with more concentrated powers of these technologies, but that anyone who is targeted purposefully can expect that campaign be piggybacked or put through these technologies that are supposedly only for necessary and entertainment communications. MINDWAR paper shows that being conceptualized years ago by the psy ops division of the military for mass mind control as well as Targeted Individuals.

If you were in charge- if you were part of the elite or whatever you want to call it and wanted to maintain control or maintain human experimentation to further an agenda or move out into space effectively or create a certain world order would you NOT take advantage of such methods to gain that control? I would. Most certainly.

I just happen to be in the victim population or oppressed in this lifetime so I am not happy with the results. Think of it that way when you imagine that all TI’s are paranoid and its not possible. Then again many people do consider these things are real, they simply resign themselves to trust that the authorities have thier best interest in mind- that some will suffer for many, and thus they go along with what seems to be a plan for the authorities to take care of them in the long term.

Note there is less cell coverage in the west, which may be why I prefer these areas. They do feel ‘cleaner’, not just air pollution cleaner but much less electromagnetic effects. Then again, my experiences in New Mexico and Wyoming in areas outside cities and without cell phone reception clearly illustrate that there is something much worse present in these areas. It seems that the cell phone effects actually protect and preserve humans in some way.


~ by onmc on August 7, 2011.

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