Denver Airport Underground Base/ Strange Artwork

It also could be that the military figure in the mural, with its mouth looking as it does, represents parasitic diseases and disease generally. Lesions in the brain have been proven to cause outbursts of murderous, violent behavior. Countries with high instances of parasitic disease are usually places with violence, famine and generally war like conditions. In countries like India people cleanse parasites with not only ingredients of food but they use herbal treatments to manage the disease thus acknowledging the problem. The mouth of the war figure looks exactly like a tape worm’s sucker it uses to latch onto human’s insides. Its just a theory of mine and I am not a doctor. Also its been shown that the greatest factors in diseases being spread are human overpopulation, and humans traveling to new lands. Post WWII there was a population boom, advances due to war in air travel, international travel and a sexual revolution. This was the main formula for AIDS supposedly becoming so prevelant. Humans taking diseases from one location to another such as in the form of rats usually carrying disease, has historically been a factor in plagues.


~ by onmc on August 7, 2011.

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