Survivors of Programming (aka ‘Mind Control Slaves’) Targeted In Order To Re-Enslave Them Without Programming/SRA

I got disheartened and looked up the idea that slaves were born not made.  Just to see if fighting the situation I am in is worth it. (I am housed up right now and its not a great neighborhood. Its in my homestate near where everyone close to me betrayed me. Its messing with my head and emotions, alot. I have resigned to nesting by cleaning alot, caring for my friend whos fighting with her lover, also a friend and baking cookies- recently eating them quickly and alot of laying around waiting for the computer. Off the road I get depressed end of story. I stay here for health care but dont know if I can stay that long. I dont want to be so fat I cant carry ME and a backpack anymore across country).


What I found was very revealing:

It seems that this entire process, years of gang stalking and being terrorized is and was all about taking a mind controlled slave programmed from birth and ensuring I never realized freedom or Will or independence by torturing me and conditioning me to become a BORN slave or reborn into slavery.

This has been done on various levels of course one of them has been metaphysical and involved ritual, against my Will, done covertly and connected to Satanic factions.

Yet I sense much of this is within society as well: sane, logical, ‘reasonable’ people supposedly are being conditioned to be slaves- spiritually, physically, mentally and otherwise.

This obsession with ‘Equality’ etc that has gone from a Gen X dream of finalizing a world of peace and cooperation and a healthier environment for humans has since filtered through the recent Bush era and been hijacked by parties that are using these conecepts as part of a massive campaign- operation if you will to create a nation if not world of slaves. Literally. Psychological operations is just one part of this.

This positive piece on slavery tells us of the results of these actions in creating a supposed peaceful society one without anger, negativity etc.:

Its a nice concept however the diffrence is that the people involved in these types of activities are trying WILLFULLY and with CONSENT to lose the ‘Self’ or have a death of the ‘Self’. They are not being tortured, intimidated or beaten down, chemically treated or mind controlled unbeknownst to them in an attempt to destroy thier ‘Self’.

I see now that on an individual level since I was breaking away from a few people that handled me or were in very co dependent relationships with me (Jake, Julie and my mother- the three key people used against me in the gang stalking campaign) even years before obvious signs of deprogramming from internal high level programming structures occurred.

The system simply came after me in a way that ensured I would never be free, that that Self I was investigating and trying to cultivate was destroyed beyond recognition as well as my physical movements controlled and various things done to me psychologically, emotionally and spiritually to ensure I would stay a slave like creature. Yet this new slavery over the past few years has been horrible. There is no compartmentalization harboring various alters where I can go for escape, power, privacy or strength. THIS form of slavery is total, complete, without power and very destructive on the body and mind.

Its trying to enslave someone who understands they are free and Willful which is totally different from programming someone from childhood. Also as a programmed person I was allowed alot of power and attention in many ways and I was protected as disrespect was usually hidden from me. I lived it more than experienced it and outward disrespect of me was usually not allowed unless it was from people who handled me, usually people I felt I could disrespect right back or had ‘keys’ to thier emotions as well.
This process has been much worse than being programmed from birth. It has sought to destroy any and all power that I possessed.

If anyone ever tries to tell me this was some sort of process where I have been beaten down so I could find my strength and say, write something like this and finally be free blah blah blah I know its lies and I wont believe it. This was totally and completely unecessary and has caused irreversible brain damage as well as health problems and loss of person assets like beauty etc that I could have used in our society to gain opportunities for a better life.

This was done for various reasons but it seems at its deepest its ritual related. There is a prominent Satanic faction involved and some very key things were done to, I fully see now, make me into a spiritual slave of a prominent person. This is why it feels like all my life I would have been passed from handler to handler and owned in a slave like manner.

There is a major difference between me trusting my ex with role play, loving him as a man and as a person and this kind of activity or situation. Most of all, the people I was dependent on before I had access to thier emotions and minds as well. The gs system and ritual abuse denies this, which is why large groups of strangers are used to get the person enslaved. They are sort of simply the force used to physically gain control of the Target while other means are used to then bind the person to the virtual, if you will, ‘Master’. The Target’s sexuality is manipulated, torture and conditioning is used, basically the Targeted Survivor’s sexuality is hijacked or hacked if you will, and they are then re conditioned to percieve themselves as enslaved to a particular person or small group of people.


~ by onmc on August 18, 2011.

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