Astro Genetics and Using the Word ‘Programming’ Carelessly

“I was programmed to be a genius!”

Yeah me too dude. So why arent YOU being chased by parties unknown with them trying to drive you insane or to suicide- destroy your mind by doing actual brain damage?? Why dont you have horrid experiences with RA involved in the ‘programming’ process.

Did you get shut in toy boxes? Locked in closets for long periods of sensory dep or perhaps buried alive to make you such a fighter?? Ohhh I see….some of us get to be geniuses with FREEDOM and some of us are enslaved and expendable and when the time is right we arent even allowed to die with dignity or painlessly, we have to have people chasing us around the country to poke and probe us more, test us, run us ragged trying to find out exactly whats inside and thus by doing so, destroying alot of qualities that made us powerful and smarter than everyone else.

But since you work for some part of the govt overtly to begin with, yer obviously under control and wont be messing with the status quo or seeking vengence, so you get to portray ‘programmed’ children as wonderful things to be.

Guess what, genius- depends on what kind of ‘programming’ yer talking about. And Eugenics is a dangerous concept end of story. How does astro-genetics line up with Eugenics??

Yeah being programmed is so great. I cant wait until you are like 30 or so and start realizing that there’s alot more in there than you realized…but then you will have become inonvenient and will probably lose your cushy job and be thrown out into the world stripped of everything until you are terrorized and beaten down so you finally accept the remainder of your life as a mindless robot like zombie living in servitude with little or no intelligence remaining.

Uh, I think you better be a bit more clear about what you mean by ‘programmed’. Becuz there are very ugly, dark realities out there concerning ‘manipulating’ alot of things within humans before and after birth. Sinister in fact. You may want to watch out for that: the darkness of human nature;of the human mind. If you dont consider that while peddling concepts like Eugenics, perhaps you are smart..but not very shrewd.


~ by onmc on August 19, 2011.

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