Recent Interview With Zeena LaVey and Nikolas Schreck

This is a new interview.

I am very surprised. I understand everyone ages but they look so different than the interviews from the 90’s.

They seem to have lost alot of to put this. ‘Evil’ power or thier energy that I used to be able to get a vibe on in the other interviews.

That disturbed me alot. Zeena not so much so but her husband seems different. They seem like something more socially acceptable. Something more of this earth now, not with a demonic energy. More ‘human’.

Its nice to hear them being logical and basing much of thier speaking on actual history and fact. Being honest about black magick also.

Very much appreciated is the comment by Zeena that you an be born of a Satanist or into Satanism and not be a Satanist.

Watching this I do feel thier energy being reanimated through pre recorded light and sound. It does still have a quality of heaviness to it. Dark, heavy, void.

Its funny to watch them disregard Christianity and then to have Christians counter this with continued believe in thier limited belief system. The Christian factions dont even realize that this is one of the greatest ploys for taking followers from them, which is to simply disregard them as an outdated and smallish cult in the context of man’s long history.

They are right of course. The argument that the Christian faction should be making is once again not against thier philosophies but how such belief systems play out in worldly affairs and politics.

The trick is to tap into what Satanic elements do exist in or culture and the way most westerners live. Many Americans live according to what could be perceived as a ‘Satanic’ system then call themselves Christian. To allow what happened during Bush, to go along with it so whole heartedly and to beat down protesters as well as say things like “I support the troops but I dont support the way” is an example of what I mean by this. The fact that Bush had connection with right wing Christian factions was simply a way to cover what was going on with the idea of a Christian holy war type scenerio due to the terrorists being Muslim. Christianity as a limiting, enslaving system the evangelical kind, is a great front for what went on during the past administration.

Do Thou Wilt Under The Whole Of The Law never made much sense anyway.
A human being cant do anything according to thier Will if they are being mind controlled and there are technological means of mass mind control present.

This is why there are those of us with dual programming it seems. We fully understand the existence of ‘Seth’ or Set. That such forces are part of the world we live in and always have been. The message many people like myself seem to be carrying and our obligation is to deliver to humanity doesnt involve choosing a side in the Judeo-Christian-Satanic system. It’s more aligned with Osiris being a ‘good’ ruler with the interests of his people at heart, Set being the dark brother, one of dark forces etc. What always gets neglected I notice is the story of Isis. That Set only feared her reign. That she could not be fooled by him like Osiris, by such ploys as appealing to her ego etc.

The message is this: you cannot use technology to control the minds of men. Man must be allowed to go through spiritual lessons to grow and his own Will and the excersing of that Will is imperitive to this process. When people, human beings cannot make decisions on thier own, when they cannot process information correctly according to thier design then they cannot possibly truly live.

Its the same message to the elite ruling classes that the military gave to Patton: You can order soldiers around, you can send them off to battle, possibly to thier deaths and to experience the terror of war. But you CANT slap them in the face.

Patton had gotten arrogant with a soldier and slapped him across the face for something he obviously didnt like. This was a gross abuse of power, of his position of authority and it was also overt. It had no place in the US military.

Such rules apply to the ruling of human beings on this earth. You can subject them to a number of things and the ‘dark forces’ are always going to exist and act out the beast in man. But you cannot built either a Satanic nor Christian utopia utilizing mind control technologies and other methods.

The absence of such realities in any form of media nowadays and especially in discussions between Christians and Satanic factions is highly suspect. Those are the most pressing issues of our time-not ideologies. When Satanists and Christians dont admit to the existence of these weapons, when an administration takes actions that seem very much in line with dark forces yet claims to be Christian then neither side can be trusted.

Love the black and red. Yet again. I had gotten so disgusted with people out in public I cannot respect wearing black and red I gave my bandana away. Its just too disgusting. I dont mean these two because black and red are the traditional colors of Lucifer.

Its the common people I see, and the types who harass me wearing it. When I experienced people in San Diego wearing such color combinations, some of them religious types working for Catholic Charities and being in on harassment campaigns I really got disgusted.

I would love to hear a discussion on Ma’at. That when a pharaoh doesnt rule according to the law, with the people’s best interest at heart, then there are consequences for that. And that has little to do with Christianity.

Funny how the organized harassment and psy ops system will come after a Target like myself who professes to be more of a diplomat, a mere messenger than subscribing to one particular philosophy or another and one of thier great tricks is to send both Satanists and Christians to harass us. Great psy ops becuz it confuses and destabilizes the Target.

Its not a very compelling showdown however. There is no need for showdowns. With either party.
You cant use mind control technologies to rule the world or control the mind’s of men, end of story, very simple.


~ by onmc on August 20, 2011.

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