Dave Mustaine and Other Celebs Convert To Christianity/Mustaine Interviews With Alex Jones

(This post is not meant to put anyone down who is doing thier own thing. Its meant to show example of how, in covert warfare even though we may want to trust what is seemingly good, we cannot trust anything at all. Nothing we knew is the same. A more overt example of this is when they  send police, firemen even EMT’s, the people we align mentally with life saving, people we literally trust with our lives in this society- to torture a TI and drive them to suicide. You have to scan everything. Try to see whats useful in it and then move on. Most of all I have learned not to kill the messenger.  Unless its someone who makes it very clear who’s side they are on.)

There are many people who converted to Christianity and it seems to have occurred during late Clinton and the Bush administration. Ann Rice, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and others.

I am somewhat suspect about the way these things came about. It is strange to me that the dark spirits, the rebels in society have these experiences that somehow lead them to Christianity and yet, the common man- the masses are now embracing a pop Satanism as normal. The horns is one of the most common greetings now from very NON metal types of people, normal regular people. Its freaking me out, more and more.

If you listen to Mustaine and others like him they were the ones who seemed to see through alot of plots and bs in society especially by corporate entities. Isnt it interesting such people are turned to Christianity while regular people are embracing Satanism, and an Illuminati type of Satanism via such media as Hip Hop culture.

I was much more comfortable when one could depend on regular people to be ‘normal’ and then go to a metal show and experience some form of rebellion. And for those wanting a more intense experience it was in the underground such as fetishism or clubs etc.

A cabbie gave my friend and I a dollar pan handling the other day and as he did he gave me the horns with some sort of goofy facial expression- he was black like from a foreign country and that was also bizarre for me that he would deliver such symbolism.
Umm, isnt Satanism supposed to be about success, money and NOT submitting to poverty? Why would he give me a dollar? It totally confused me. Many of these regular people types dont seem to possess any natural demonic energies its not natural. Its something they have become part of, something fabricated.

Satanism creating mobs of common people taking part in Satanic activity is 100% more frightening than individual Satanists or people with natural tendencies in that direction expressing themselves through a medium. What is the rebellion when the conformist sheep become ‘Satanists’?? How can that be an expression of individualism?

I have to keep in mind that alot of this is social engineering and social control. Its designed to have the effect its having which is to get common people into a mind set that will tolerate the corruption that is occurring. So it makes sense that the true rebels turning to a cult like religion or to get them onto a bandwagon where they sell Armageddon.

Mustaine in his interview with Alex Jones tells that he was unaware of the corruption inherent in corporate entities being parent companies connected to the military industrial complex. He then seems to connect this to being a Christian and his belief in end times content like FEMA camps and that sort of line.

What is odd about this is that if you view older interviews, he was always hip to the cons and he would talk about them and question them. Why would he need to become Christian to remain wise as a serpent concerning the activities of the powers that be?

I have met Christians in the gang stalking ‘TI community’. They also subscribe to this theory that its end game. What I loathe about them is thier fear. They live in fear, fear is thier center. They also are people who fall for every theory thrown out by conspiracy theorists. The main issue with those kinds of persons is they never bring up the power of law and order or what remains of those powers that will enforce law and order not fascism or a holocaust.  The concept of justice, or of law never gets discussed.

What also disturbs me is that Alex Jones is one of those outfits where his writers will touch on lone shooters being ‘Satanic’. And here is another instance of tying in Christianity with seeing the truth about what is going on. Whats being inferred is that one need be Christian, this particular kind of Christian that is into End Game philosophy, in order to either see the truth or take action to counter it.

I am not even going to get into Metallica/Megadeth nonsense. I liked early Metallica albums and was just a kid and cant say I think much of thier later work. It was obvious when Mustaine left, lets leave it at that. I am however, as posted years ago on my other blog, not happy with the album cover for Metallica’s album Death Magnetic (Death ELECTROmagnetic)
and of course, it being timed so well during the Bush administration, or should I say during the Hayden administration, lol.  Interestingly, the album cover uses the colors black and white exclusively. The coffin in the ground surrounded by what appears to be electromag waves, when looked at from afar, creates a close up of female genitals, the electromagnetic waves being hair around the genitalia. Black and white are traditionally Masonic colors as represented by the black and white squares on a Masonic temple floor. How this relates to Mustaine and his new style I will get into later in this post.

What kind of world do you get when the public thinks they are evil rebels yet they are conformists in immorality and the  rebels are led to Christ?

It is also something I have to look at and study. My campaign consists of first them coming at me with Satanic perps and kids coming up to me in a mall saying “Where’s your God now?!” which confused me due to not being Christian. After writing extensively on my blogs about my occult knowledge of course they used this as an intel source and I then had Christianity being pushed on me.  Most recently I had a foreign man walk by on the road near the sidewalk I was walking down,  as he approached passing, exclaimed “IF ONLY YOU WOULD BELIEVE IN GOD!” and once again promises of the harassment stopping. Funny, that is what that brat kid in Mesa AZ said when I was asked to join the perp groups as an employee, recall I posted it on OnGangStalking. “I can make it stop Rachael” then the little bastard told me I could have a job where I traveled, was moved into a different city every month and paid every two weeks. (I then had a better idea of how the perp groups were moved around nationally.)  Promises of harassment stopping or veiled threats. Its usually the same lines of intimidation used.

Never trust the state becuz they will use religion to control the people. And its not like there was never a warning about this becoming a tool. When Bush was in office and hid behind the Christian right, while such horrible things went on during his reign of terror, basically Christianity was used by the military industrial complex to fuel a theatre themed a Holy War with Islam (dont believe me watch MINDWAR on YouTube where its predicted). And somehow morality became involved as part of some bizarre Neo Con agenda. Its bullshit. Their actions were typical Satanic elite.

I no longer trust any religious system. I have been harassed in an obvious psy ops manner by people pushing God/Christ but also at another time period, wearing Satanic symbols and acting like Satanism is thier philosophy. A woman dressed as a nun knew my name and harassed me in my travels years ago and most recently  that cabbie giving me the horns.

What is most suspect is this push for only Judeo Christian systems and thier reactionary counter parts. Which screams cult mind control. I notice no one is trying to terrorize me into being a Buddhist and of course, as you recall, my studying Hermetics which is my natural outlook got me followed by strange old men around Boston who would gaze nervously at the symbolism on my books on the subject which I often carried in my arms.

Which led me to look over again at other interviews. I found an interview where Mustaine is surrounded by black, white and red which is also on the End Game album cover.  I wont post it because its from a company that makes musical instruments and perhaps they are  the ones putting the back round the way it is and he is simply sitting in it. Its just a red flag anything having to do with using color symbolism, those colors specifically. I found a thread where an observant fan noted that there was Masonic like symbolism on his album cover: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:0tmw0WO-Y_QJ:www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx%3Fmode%3DArticle%26newsitemID%3D132501+dave+mustaine+look+at+the+cover+of+endgame+freemasons&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=safari&source=www.google.com

His shirt in this interview looks like the Masonic symbol measuring tool that is used so often to identify Masons on thier work in stone:

I suppose one has to realize that to survive in business that one must, as he says in one interview “be clever” nowadays. Perhaps these are all business decisions. He also has been posted on the internet as being a bit on the conservative side and he refers to Jones as “a patriot”.  Note he says in one interview ‘How can I be an Anarchist when I am driving a Mercedes? Besides I am a Christian now, I am not going to claim to be an anti-Christ’. I have posted years ago that my experience with the Anarchists and the Patriots is that they both seem to have operatives for this system in thier ranks and I dont trust thier little rivalry system either. Interesting isnt it? Christians and Satanists, Anarchists and Patriots.  Both seem to be working for the same side upon very close examination.

Maybe he is genuine I cant tell I dont care its his own life.  Alice Cooper converted as well decades ago but avoided this ‘celebrity Christian’ sort of activity. I dont care as much about Mustaine in this context because his job is making music, but I am suspect of anyone that Jones hooks up with. Since his involvement with Sheen I just do NOT trust him. And Jones’s site seems to take no note of things beyond MK Ultra, which he at least admits are legit gang stalking cases. He has no right to judge any lone shooter or anyone by thier belief systems and its suspect that Christianity is being pushed as a way to see what is going on truthfully with the NWO. Maybe its just due to having a celeb on his show because that seems to be his interest, anyone famous or other supposed credibility. He needs to leave religion out of it because according to his track record in his own rants and his people’s writing he knows very little about covert operations and psy ops. Which I have learned over time, and experience- grueling experience that creating chaos and confusion puts a person into a state of suggestion.  With his loud and outrageous style he isnt exactly a great source on subtlety and psy ops or spy craft. Which is odd because that is the basis of much of what makes the NWO work.

Here is one last thing it might be nothing. Its posted on net in somewhat credible sources that Mustaine’s mother was Jewish which means according to Judaic law he is considered a true Jew. When on Alex Jones’s show he describes his religious upbringing and does not mention this. Perhaps it was not important…perhaps it was too important.



go to the very end of this interview to hear him begin to describe his religious influences in youth.

Start at the very beginning of this one to hear the rest of that excerpt of the interview (yes they match up with nothing missing it sounds like).

Its not that I want to give this guy a hard time or Jones either because for all his bullshit Jones’s loud mouth attracts the attention and creates some cred for people like me to be heard and understood. Its simply my nature, my job it seems sometimes to screen everything that comes through in relation to this situation. What people have to understand about info wars is that if you do enough research you can actually find good info from people like Jones you just have to watch out for anything that forms opinions that will serve the perpetrators or designers of social engineering.  It could be that Jones and other mouth pieces on the NWO provide enough info to block out anyone like myself who is doing deep whistle blowing.  I cant decide if he blocks me out like an eclipse or if he provides enough light for me to be seen and heard.

Its appreciated that they talk about psych meds and Mustaine speaks of people being singled out and made example of. Thats for sure. I think he is just doing what he knows which seems like succeeding in his business and providing something interesting while perhaps doing something about what he believes is wrong in the world which, if you look at his past work is pretty much what he was always doing.  In those older interviews he was always deconstructing cons and exposing how things didnt make sense the way they were set up.

Anything that rivals Metallica with thier annoying Death Magnetic bs is welcome.  Looking at interviews of them I see that they still feel they are Satanic in nature. Thus the cute reference to these toys that have resulted from years of people like Aquino conceptualizing MINDWAR etc.   Arent they sweet? They think they are bad ass and evil. No, dears. Aquino is evil. Hayden is evil. You are musicians…stick to that wont you? Church and state dont mix for  a reason and that goes for artists and state. And yes, its very suspect to have a person from the UN call you and say they are Metallica fans but looking at Death Magnetic and its timing we can already guess why he is siding with Metallica.

DEATH MAGNETIC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Magnetic#Criticism_regarding_production


Thats great that the album TITLE is explained away but what about the symbolism on the cover? I am sure I could research it further but I dont care to. The way that album cover struck me in that specific time period due to its title and its  symbolism I will never forget and I knew what it meant then as I do now. Its a bad memory and I want to stay that way. In the past. But no one is ever going to convince me it was that innocent. I may be able to deal with being destroyed now from this vantage point but while it was happening I could see it clearly. And each thing that struck me as this did, will always be remembered as part of an ongoing campaign to get me killed, one way or another.

The beautiful thing about dead symbols is that now, they are mine to use. Since I too am dead and in the past there are no constraints.


~ by onmc on August 21, 2011.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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