Post Summing Up Mass Mind Control System World Wide
It also explains why the system doesnt want me to have children especially with my ex. A perp once mocked me that specifically it was being avoided through thier actions basically, to ensure Jake never had a “kid” with me.

Aside from him not being special enough to fight this system as other of us do, hes got some really excellent DNA, very primitive, advanced and powerful artistically. They busted his ass down, now he simply does film editing and makes vids for other people, they got him trapped in Hollywood.
I sometimes show people pics of my exs, if they are curious. They see Jake’s pic and say “Hes too intense for me” or “the brooding artist”. That pic of him before he sold out, the one he insists on making fun of on his FB.
That is what this system or prison does to people. It alters one’s natural spiritual nature  by birthright, by DNA.  According to the description and my own experiences as documented on these blogs, its pretty much what this post says it is.

I have even noted as experienced the interference with my “internal guidance system” which they describe as higher intuition or gut feeling.

It seems to act as a sort of genetic engineering tool in itself.

I think the hardest part to take in this situation has been people we love betraying us in the most hurtful brutal ways and then watching them get lost to this system.

That and everyone believing thos of us who share these experiences are simply just insane or delusional.

I cant believe how many people have willingly sold out to these bastards and this system. Why would you sell out your family, your own kind? I really genuinely dont get it.

It can’t be all horrors, as many TIs are protected and still walking around. Why do they tolerate our existence at all? Or our activism? Why not just wipe is out completely? Is it more interesting for them to slowly destroy us or watch us fade away in power? Youth, beauty, strength, all assets slowly drain away, why not just kill us?  Perhaps they are interested in seeing how much you can alter those of us who are awake and aware.

Who knew that every sci fi nightmare would come true?

The question is: now that we know what is going on, now that we are sure that this is really happening, its real, we are indeed living this nightmare in real time, what are we supposed to do now?

Personally I am simply given continued ideation that I should tell my account of what I have experienced. What good is that going to do if everyone is asleep and most people dont believe?

I sincerely hope that the elite or some other faction are not merely entertaining themselves with this, like a play or a show. An ebellishment of the old myths about gods setting up humans in situations to entertain themselves.  
This entire situation doesnt really feel like an epic battle for the soul of humanity. It feels like a day job I am sick of I know it so well and I am getting tired, old and fat going to it every day. That there is no advancement in it, that its a ‘dead end’ position.

I suppose this is the perfect attitude to induce or cause in me in order to get me to
want to move on from the past and forget what has occurred.

It simply does not feel like some of us out here know the big secret to life. It feels like I am wearing a diving suit to avoid drowning when many other people are now native to the water and can breathe freely in it. How much longer can one avoid morphing to join the rest of humanity or is it just in our nature by birth to never give in to this?

Since Scandinavian peoples and culture have been such a heavy part of my experience in this, I can compare it to, sometimes feeling like the last desperate hold out pagans who refused Christianity. That resistance. Perhaps it will always be there, in many of us. All we need do is inform our children and keep the orignal culture alive, in some form. I think it will be more corralled off, like Native Americans as opposed to co existing like in the Norse countries. A kid from there yesterday told me they respect the old pagan culture but they dont want people reverting totally back to paganism, which is why I suppose it would be walled off like Native American culture.

I never realized until now that Native American culture is a true threat to the establishment not just due to being living proof of America being stolen land and basically illegal but their strong pagan roots cant be broken. The Abrahamic religions are one of the single most controlling factors of humanity  all three. Religion itself is.

This would explain why throughout this I have been harassed with being pushed into choosing between Christianity or Satanism with the occassional considerations of Judaism.  All Abrahamic religious systems and their reactionary counter parts. This is why I cannot focus on Hermetics or anything magick related. 

What has been happening is that I feel more and more Christian the more I am tortured by or recall constant memories of being tortured by Satanic factions.

This is why I havent gone after some Satanic factions that were really obvious about being involved. Trying to shut me up so I dont provide another SRA testimony and legitimize the existence of Satanic crime and the cult is one thing, but why would they want to help Christianize anyone? I suppose its a means of putting me out to pasture, neutralizing the enemy.
Its that Templar programming they seem so concerned about, which makes more sense.

The truth about the Orders is they are beyond Christianity. Its a great front and an easy way to explain intentions to humanity without freaking people out, but youd be better off researching the stories of ancient Egypt pertaining to the Sun cult and the differing factions that protect or harm humanity.

Programming is so difficult to figure out. It could all be simply info put into our heads as children so we believe we are part of these factions. It certainly would motivate both parties to act accordingly. Perhaps this tug of war is necessary as a force of movement, as in part of getting humanity to evolve.

I simply feel like a chess board piece and I do as instructed: deliver information from point A to B.

I would love to deny any of this happened and to retire as mentally ill but I cant quite forget the stalking harassment, betrayals by intimates and the MILABs or RA during Bush.  Trying to get me to forget at this point is useless.

So if this is so much desired by everyone to keep humanity imprisoned, why is it important to convince anyone a deception actually exists?


~ by onmc on October 3, 2011.

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