Declassifed CIA Documents Show Agency Was Working In Direction Of What Modern TI’s Experience Now

Mind control? Neurotechnology offers battlefield applications.
Kime, Patricia
Air Force Times, 8/29/2011, Vol. 72 Issue 7, p15-15, 1/5p
Document Type:
Subject Terms:
CONTROL (Psychology)
The article reports on the potential battlefield applications of neurotechnology, which are being explored by think tanks, major universities and neuroscientists to access, control and manipulate the brain.
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Military & Government Collection

I am quoting from a Declassified Documents Reference database: (condensed and abridged by me)
“Proposal for study of ESP as a phenomena involving electromagnetic radiation from living systems. Miscellaneous. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. OFFICIAL USE. Issue Date: Apr 23, 1988. Unsanitized. Incomplete. 1 page(s).”

‘April 1963

Studies in ESP

1. Attached for your information is a short report outlining a proposal for the study of ESP as a  phenomena involving electromagnetic radiation from living systems.

2. While this could technically be  classified as a special intercept problem, it is suggested that you may wish to consider further work along these lines to be fostered by (blanked out name) as a part of thier Life Sciences activity.’

It wouldnt let me copy it though, obviously. It shows that back when the MK Ultra era was ending, the experiments in the 50’s, much of what experimentees, thier families and other Targeted Individuals experience was getting underway being studied way back then. The only thing that has been done is to have victims of human experimentation (the ones that weren’t intimidated out of showing up by covert harassment) give testimony, be minimally compensated and then write the whole thing off as some expression of a past era. One of corruption, cover ups, assasinations- with the impression of an entirely different agency. As if the military is now a different sort of creature as well. Does this revamping of image work for them as well? Because much of this mess was both of those entities and even during testimonies from victims the two wanted very much to argue that they had nothing to do with each other’s experimentation. The subjects, the victims however, recalled events  very differently. I think this white wash worked becuz no one really watched the videos of the testimonies from the Presidents Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments. Also its publicly marketed as “Radiation Experiments”, no one sees “Mind Control” in the papers.

The database is full of things like this. For a TI some of it humorous:

Report on Ted Sercos who allegedly can project a recognizable image of his thoughts onto photographic film. Miscellaneous. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. OFFICIAL USE. Issue Date: Oct 1, 1967. Unsanitized. Complete. 16 page(s).”

“CIA continues to monitor Ted Sercos’ activities. Miscellaneous. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. OFFICIAL USE. Issue Date: Sep 27, 1967. Date Declassified: Feb 01, 1987. Unsanitized. Incomplete. 1 page(s).”

I saw the latter, and just the title I started laughing. The document is just as comical. Its exactly the same crap they still pull. And they want to market this whole era off as if its some past embarassment born of a good ol boys club from post war Americana.

Its more dangerous now. As you can see from the first thing I posted. You’ve got not just governments messing around but military contractors and the private sector. At least governments are eventually accountable and America had to answer for thier actions…well some of them. Still it was kept in the back round as if it was nothing  but clearly these were war crimes and if they did not charge those responsible as such then, they will not do so now, it stands to reason.

This one got a laugh as well:

Training Vietnamese in ambush protection by means of ESP discussed. Miscellaneous. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. OFFICIAL USE. Issue Date: May 16, 1966. Date Declassified: Feb 01, 1987. Unsanitized. Complete. 2 page(s).


I know many of these people are trying to do good or help allies with such activities but the way things are it seems whatever was found, invented or discovered has fallen into the wrong hands. Altering a time line may be necessary but torturing people and taking away thier power, destroying what it means to be human is not.


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