Pics of Famous Persons Displaying Satanic Hand Signal

I was so disappointed looking at this. I cannot believe how many of these people pictured in this link have been involved in media psy ops, within gang stalking campaigns. Its sort of a relief to see it laid out plainly.

Like many of these posts the author goes overboard and is either careless or disinformation. Even mentioning “reptoids” is totally inappropriate and unnecessary.
Also a few of the hand signs are for skater culture not The Horns. And anything dislayed by an actor in character is an unfair judgement of that actor’s personal life or real life affiliations.

I suppose that many of us are just naive as to how many human beings are involved in living this way.

What always bothers me most are not the people who are honest about their position but the ones that market a much more trustworthy, socially acceptable persona to the public. With royalty or even world leaders its disturbing but its more expected I think. Worldly power all that.
The porn stars are no surprise either.

I think deception pisses me off more than Satanism itself. People behaving as if they are smarter due simply by being deceptive is always annoying if not downright infuriating.

You’re not smart, you lie. Its that simple. And you exist in a group not individually. Hand signs? Again weakness…I hate it. There is something tacky about flashing the sign to begin with: if you are trying to be deceptive then why display signs?

Its a sort of terrorism. People like me get burned or messed with and then realizing how serious this really is, become more freaked out realizing all the indications exist that point to a Satanic international network actually existing.  You realize that its not totally harmless or just personal preference on the part of the individual. These networks take part in activities and behaviors that are damaging to people. Then you realize its what’s behind culture being so dumbed down and negative and in order for that to take effect, the public must be decieved into taking these people into their homes via media.

I think the ones who hide what they are doing by posing as normal decent people think are infuriating.


~ by onmc on December 14, 2011.

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