Realization pt 2

(Last post wouldn’t allow me to write anymore).

People like Jackson are tormented from infancy and exploited for everything they can provide for the people around them. If they begin to show signs of bucking ENSLAVEMENT and I mean literally being handled that way, and buck abusive authority they are then exposed to the gang stalking system full force with no buffers and put into a system that forces the high energy of such a spirited  person to be literally pumped out of them. It seems that it serves to ensure the slave never gets to have any use of these energies under their own Will and somehow certain people involved take this energy somehow. Look around at the people who betray Survivors- such good fortune does not bestow on such horrible people lacking in decency or morals or strength by chance or their own hand. There’s good reason for the rise of many due to the fall of one they focused on and its more than just due to the actions of the designers: the person is literally a human sacrifice.

Again, because Westerners are raised with religions that are human sacrifice based yet are DISHONEST and DECEPTIVE about that being the reality, people partake in human sacrifice via gang stalking without understanding what is really going on.

The Troops died for them and Jesus died for them and the Palestinians die for them and six million Jews ‘died’ so Israel could be established- why not any other human being?

In the sacrifice of one of our kind, note the similarities to their Abrahamic sacrifice religions: ‘GOD loved the world so much that he sacrificed his only begotten son’. Often their God is referred to as ‘Lord’ or ‘King’.
The governments of many western democracies are run by an authority that is sneakily presented as a King or Lord. ‘Commander In Chief’ I believe it is.

So during a time such as the Bush era when a president really behaves much like an out of control king with unlimited power (thank his father for that by changing laws when everyone was focusing on his Gulf War. The Bushes style is to slight of hand usually with much noise, violence and size to their diversion.Usually creating profit as well. What great guys.)

The time of G W Bush became a time of a lord or king and all his court ruling the US. Blair being at his side added to this perception.  The military abroad and the police forces domestically were all the king’s men.

In this environment Americans, used to freedom and democracy end masse cracked under the pressure and became a part of the nightmare being played out.
With exceptions of course who were punished accordingly via police brutality and getting targeted.

In this sort of scenerio its easy to get the public into a mindset that powerful kings and sacrifices are normal occurrences. It taps into their conditioning as life becomes surreal during Bush-and anyone offered up for sacrifice whether it be non extremist Muslim, American soldier, firemen at ground zero or Targeted Individuals or women and children in the war zones- all innocents are percieved and taken as human sacrifices. Just as they are conditioned daily in their lives to see a man hanging from a cross in agony and misery as normal and good.
Or that They are the Chosen People of God, the same as Christianity, as ‘God LOVED THE WORLD SO MUCH’ that he gave them this innocent’s blood.

Its not hard to bullshit any Abrahamic religion into human sacrifice. The only difference from the ancient religions performing human sacrifice is that its hidden beneath deception and not done overtly.

The system that exists to create, use and destroy mind controlled slaves would not exist in any world where good truly existed. What this system wants from Survivors is to twist us up so skillfully that we actually feel happy and content about being sacrificed. Just like ancient sacrifices did in the belief they were helping the tribe to survive.

Which wouldt be so bad if we were indeed raised simply like the ancients and no fear of death.  But its a bit much for a people who are raised for generations to expect the individual right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The war crimes of the Bush and Obama era, especially brutal during Hayden’s being in office, are not just actions that broke man’s laws. They have gone against their own God’s laws as well as laws of nature. Much of what has occurred is simply unnatural and humanly impossible were it not for the invention of microwave, electromagnetic and other man made weapons.

Its not Satanism- its something totally unGodly. What was done is more reminiscent of some ancient way. And this behavior certainly doesn’t reflect the Pharaohs rules about governing his people. In fact in Egyptian lore a Pharaoh that went against such law would be sought by Ma’at for punishment.

These people behind this refuse to be held accountable for what they do.

Their most tasteless behavior is to get the Targeted person into a state of happiness and relaxation as they are being destroyed over years.
Its sick the rejoicing and good feelings at the deaths of such suffering people as Liz Taylor or Michael Jackson or Princess Diana.

If there is no force within their culture of pedophelia and ritual murder and draining human beings of their souls for their own benefit then we must hold them accountable.

There must be Law. Not their lust greed and lawlessness.
Evil doesn’t disgust me nor does darkness. Its the ones who drug you with smiles and denial as they bleed you dry- the worst kind of arrogance in the whole world.

No matter what they tell you none of this is good for the Target. It doesn’t create shamans or wisemen, it doesn’t serve justice for percieved crimes and it doesn’t make people more equal. It doesn’t better the world or the person.

As a nation we were weaker willed enough to take part in extreme brutal acts ever since 2001. The first of which was allowing ourselves to be manipulated into not impeaching the bastard. The Christian Right are the worst and most UNGodly of all as they provided the best cover possible for the allowing of a very evil presence during those years. And why not? Christianity is about human sacrifice.

In doing this those involved do not feel as if they have to pay for their actions because their actions are cleansed and validated by the sacrifice itself. Another sick dimension of their belief system.

As we can now clearly see I having an Abrahamic religion in place makes it quite easy to trigger an entire large population into sacrificing the lamb instead of trying emulate him.


~ by onmc on December 16, 2011.

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