I was looking for dirt on people I’ve been made to hate, by design, for their part either knowingly or made to seem that way by the gs system. Upon viewing a photograph, and some trigger responses to stimuli and my being able to pull back and review my reactions…as well as take in this process as well as look at the gang stalking campaign over these years and what its done to me, how its changed me, remembering what I was like before- I realized that overall, this system has utilized much of its power to manipulate me simply to ensure that I did not grow as a person. That I could never be free of the simple problem of some unsorted, crossed wires within my Psyche that could have easily been fixed so that I put my life experience to good use to help others.

Instead of becoming free and then finally properly aligned to be honest, happy and straightforward, this system had to drag me down into the worst and most horrible place psychologically I’ve ever been in my lifetime. Somewhere in this, again the powers that be will use the war as an excuse to validate what they have done. There is no excuse. There was never any other reason but to conceal information concerning illegal and immoral activities among my mother, my family, my associates and men in political positions as well as to stop the emerging of yet another Survivor of mind control programming and RA who did NOT gain recall via a therapist therefore debunking the Recovered Memory Syndrome organization claim that all of us who recall such things at a certain age are doing so falsely. They don’t dare say that someone with MY background could be false. (Family connected to organized crime, mother a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra 1950’s at Naval Hospital Bethesda Maryland with both parents US Marines. Myself working closely with untouchable career criminal in adult entertainment for most of 20s, she claiming her father was CIA and recounting horror of having to care for him with early onset Alzheimers like condition at age 40 which she was always suspect of. Ironically this is exactly what being targeted has done to me and other Survivors of mind control projects.)
I had to be discredited, becuz someone like Cathy O’Brien can claim to be a victim of MK Ultra my mothers documented status as a radiation experimentee was simply too believable and perhaps gave me more legal weight…if I hadn’t been targeted and if I had known what to do with it at the time.

They took away any chance I had at a normal life, a happy and productive life. All everyone had to do was leave me alone to get the therapy I needed and heal quickly.
Instead the shadowy powers that be decided to plunge me into a living hell, a prison using psychological warfare, chemicals and technologies designed to control human beings as well as technologies to torture.

All this simply to avoid my becoming a happy, simple person who would use their life experience to help others.

And I had to be made to feel like the worst person on earth- guilty, horrid, terrible. When in fact this was not and is not true. All the people around me who were in fact terrible and immoral, all hiding some sort of criminal activity, went on to have good lives while I was forced to become homeless and live on the streets.

No matter how much common good comes out of that, it can never validate the actions of the system that made it so.

The world we live in is Satanic I’ve come to that understanding. And its not a freeing, self indulgent, rebellious kind of Satanic or an honest overt kind. It exists to preserve the hive, to keep a world of ignorant stupid human animals lulled into believing life is good, the country is good, the west is good and Judeo-Christianity is good. It fools the public into believing humanitarian and goodness are the norm and evil or violence or lawlessness is an exception. I have experienced first hand that the opposite is true.

The f*cking God damned military forces would have you believe that the romanticized soldier is who dies for you and who is sacrificed for your freedom. Really its the people that die by their hands that are sacrificed for our empire(s) to stay in power.

Being raised with Abrahamic religions, Judaism originally performing human sacrifice and Christianity basically being centered around human sacrifice especially the Catholic version, people having to die for your freedom, or for you at all seems normal. You’ve been raised with it your whole life.

I have experienced the forces behind what makes America great. They are deceptive and that’s all.

Deception and a lot of what amounts to the use of magick if you will, human sacrifices and cruelty abound is all it amounts to. The modern creation of ‘magick’ seems to consist of old reliables like chemicals (poisons, hallucinations, hypnotics, etc), psychological warfare (terror, mind games, intel collection, spying, etc) and human psychics (recorded in histories of every empire) along with advances in technologies and of course advances in the use of chemicals for such purposes.

Aquino and a general may have concieved of mass mind control and targeting individuals in their paper MIND WAR yet what has become a reality by now involves more than just the mind. Leave it to a Satanist in the military to focus purely on the practical side of something conceptualized to be made into reality and disregard the spiritual, only focusing on the results, on winning. The self serving, very selfish perspective.
These actions- this entire system damages human beings in ways that should not exist on earth and should NOT be allowed into the hands of men or women in power.
Its been the ultimate chance for men to do more than just play god. Torture and the actual creation of a dimensional hell is now possible. To them its just another false environment to be created. Like an airport, an impressive building or a mall.

What man used to do with bricks he can now do within the space of the mind which must be said to include the emotions, the spirit and the heart of human beings.

The public doesn’t know about these technologies and are kept from even understanding how natural parts of their own beings exist and interconnect with the physical realm. How are they supposed to concieve of a system that can interfere and corrupt that natural state?

In a culture where we are told to be religious or believe in a god yet conversely are urged to reject any notion that such a god really exists or that an equally negative force exists or that magick is truly possible or psychic realm is real we are controlled completely: complying with the religion keeps us in line and powerless over our own spiritual power, the governing body rules our daily lives and if we become too aware of anything that exists outside of that balance of powers that keeps us controlled- the psychiatrist threatens us with a label. How can a society exist that contains both religion AND psychiatry??

The public’s biggest problem is they don’t believe in their gods enough to believe there is something equally destructive, viscous and ‘evil’ in the world.

The entire system is rigged to have us believe that the gods of the religions are constantly winning over whatever evil forces exist and that your country is responsible for that being the case- and of course that god specifically supports YOU and YOUR government.

I’m here to tell you that the evil destructive force seems to have its own nation, and it consists of human beings from every country, culture, religion and background. They all work together to suppress the truth. And that’s all they do. Oh and they are experts at skillfully destroying things and people. Its unnatural how keen they are at it or how they smile as they are doing so. In fact it doesnt make any sense to normal human beings- these people aren’t normal.

Good does not reign. You are allowed to believe that to keep you controlled. So you support the system in place and its leaders.

I could have been a counselor by now in a modest home with a compatible mate. A balanced life.
Yet this system insisted instead that I be jailed and tortured, that I suffer instead and any potential I had in life be lost through years of aging and failing health.

No good was allowed to come to me when that’s what I deserved becuz my intentions were good and my goal was to help others and myself.

Along the way of being harassed for so many years it was made clear to me that I am only going to produce one book. The expose or story of what happened to me and my life before that I was born into that caused it. That I am going to be stifled, worn down, destroyed and oppressed so I am incapable of producing anything else.

This is due to what the system does NOT want to admit: targeting survivors of RA and programming is simply more Ritual Abuse. The person is tormented so over the years as to drain them of life energy.

People like Michael Jackson…(part 2)


~ by onmc on December 16, 2011.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

The Dirtiest Secret Behind Child Abuse

Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.