Rick Ross Should Refrain From Writing About Recovered Memory Syndrome

I keep coming across Rick Ross when I come upon ritual abuse articles..AND  I keep forgetting that he’s a supporter of False Memory snyndrome. His name is catchy like Jeff Rense. Chris Cross (Christopher Cross). There’s something deliberate about two simple syllables.

If you wiki his name you must put in “Rick Ross (consultant)” because there’s a rapper/former dealer named Rick Ross, who’s probably less dangerous and more trustworthy.

Upon the wiki page coming up I saw his mug and simply started laughing. Is this a trustworthy face?
Sure enough other than being controversial for being part of a forced coerced deprogramming fiasco and weaseling his way out of it somehow, here is a nice article on him that suites his photograph I believe:

Hey not all Jews are bad. Just like not all Americans support our screwed up policies…just the intelligence services connected to organized crime and the power hungry greedy jerks who benefit from it all.

Unless this guy starts dealing with MK Ultra, Project Paperclip and all the other material that has little to do with his field of expertise he’s no expert on Survivors of HIGH LEVEL PROGRAMMING.
His area of expertise we must remember is strictly overt cults using classic cult mind control. Simple stuff, overt. I doubt if they have access to HAARP, ELF or micowave waepons or technologies. Nor do who he deals with have a huge international network: he doesn’t have the balls to take that on, most people don’t and wont deal with it.
He totally exempts documented cases like testimonies from experimentees at the President’s Advisory Committee in 1995 as well as Gunderson’s work. Paul Bonnachi’s testimony as well..and he has gotten an actual award from a court in the USA for what Ross claims doesn’t exist.

So…Ross is superior to a US court? Yeah with the attitude on his face he looks like he might believe so.

Notice how he goes after Christians, ALOT but does he go after Satanic groups or other groups equally?

The cults he deals with are potential branches off the tree and its root of what TIs are tackling.
If he doesn’t dig deeper in a direction specific to the subject matter he can’t exactly make such claims.

And what about inconvenient examples, like myself, of survivorship? My family has shady connections to organized crime, my mother is a documented radiation experimentee at the Naval Hospital in Maryland directly connected to MK Ultra with both her parents US Marines, het father a pedophile, and I was practically raised to end up in the adult entertainment industry…and most important of all I NEVER USED THERAPY TO RECALL MEMORIES. In fact therapists were constantly stonewalling me and not doing their jobs. I was treated like they graduated one year of college maximum. Even my psychiatrist did the song and dance. Its one of the reasons the system oppressed and silenced me so severely as well as lowered my intelligence upon waking up-without bogus therapies and overzealous therapists to blame they can’t account for such experiences and testimonies existing.
I went through three layers of suicide programming. The entire experience is a bit sophisticated and detailed to have imagined.

Schizophrenics can’t imagine highly organized detailed structures of internal programming- that certainly goes against the definition of a ‘disordered’ mind.

They can only keep trying to hide this under mental illness labels or making up Syndromes because none.of it fits into the already defined abnormalities in their big book of disorders. And it certainly can’t be explained away through biological psychiatry where big pharma cures all your symptoms instead the causes.

‘Ricky’ needs to stay out of things that don’t concern him unless he wants to start being responsible and do research properly.

As far as being an expert in any courtroom that does not make your word or your work infallible. Plenty of corrupt people are experts for corporations, the auto industry, etc in court rooms. They don’t lie as much as testify for info that serves whoever hired them.

Anyone going against the constitution in a manner such as coerced deprogramming, behavior modification, unethical human experimentation and so on should not be tolerated.

Notice how much of the deprogramming of Survivors of high level programming is being done very carefully as to stay undetected. Rick Ross is an example of why the ‘gang stalking’ system has to cover their asses.
If people like me weren’t framed, discredited and attentions diverted from me actually being the victim, this system would finally become evident  by the public to actually exist and charged with war crimes etc as well as massive pay outs to victims.

Note how many pedophiles and sex offenders are part of the system that gang stalks and targets Survivors of RA and mind control, high level programming. That shows right there the character of that system. They arent deprogramming Survivors to give them better lives or for the betterment of society in general. Its to conceal the fact sadistic ritualistic child abuse is part of high level programming  from the public and the keep the perps above the law. They want all Survivors to lose memories of RA and early childhood, of any important faces or places, functions etc.

I’ve even heard those disgusting lowly perp types, the kind that bait you so they can get pay offs from the system, refer to it as ‘the cult’. The women in Cambridge at that HARVARD/ MIT partially funded hellhole, On The Rise, used to talk about it right in front of me. Some would talk down to me like on high Christians about coming from a family of Satanic activity and incest.
People think they can feel superior to a targeted Survivor becuz they feel society will support their selfish, insecure, jealous motives as long as they hide it under a moral outlook as Christians or morally upstanding people. The very fact they try to intimidate a victim of a crime in any fashion shows they are in fact lowly much more so than the Survivor. Perps are manipulative and have all sorts of places to hide in society. In my experience most women like that were either from dysfunctional homes themselves or have allowed their own spouses to abuse their children and strike out against the Survivor as part of continued denial.

Rick Ross must know that such a system exists. If he does not he isn’t very expert in psychology or even military and other use of psychological operations.
If Rick Ross doesnt deal with Survivors of high level programming or RA of all kinds he should refrain from even referring to it in his work.

Actually there are two bitch nurses in Canada who immediately rejected me after the dom in their relationship (?) sent me an email where she referred to me as “pathetic”, then changed their website to specify they only deal with survivors of cults where the situation doesn’t include STATE ACTORS. Maybe Ricky should talk to them, considering their actions of cowardice and self preservation show they indeed have knowledge of STATE ACTORS and other high level entities being involved in programming, mind control and stalking/ harassment of Survivors thereof.

And these two actually go to RA conventions sponsored by SMART who I actually trust to a point.

Neither of them or anyone behaving like Ross should be allowed to deal with or make references to RA Survivors in connection with high level programming or MK Ultra.

People like him only serve to discredit those of us who fight far to hard to simply avoid being killed or commit suicide. He needs to either follow lead or get out of the way. Any other deliberate action is construed as deliberately assisting the enemy.


~ by onmc on December 23, 2011.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.