Showing Satanic Crime Does Exist

The public have bought into Satanic Panic and Recovered Memory through propaganda.

The reason I am targeted so heavily is not using a therapist to recall memories, my mother being a documented radiation experimented connected to MK Ultra AND my not becoming a Christian. It makes it very difficult to put a label on me and shove me on a shelf or on their little war map of Christians vs. Satanists.

This is done I believe because firstly the designers want to hide how far this really goes, its very involved.
Secondly many of the parties both Christian and Satanic or Wiccan are stupid. Yes its that simple.

I’ve met some left hand path people who have no idea the all inclusiveness of what they are doing.
I told one person some of what I had seen along the way figuring they could explain it and all they said was “I don’t really mess with The Orders”. After mentioning both black and brown robed, hooded figures being the center of my experience.

Many people are off in their own little practice, as if its not all inclusive in this world we live in!
They are just as bad as people who dwell in houses who percieve their little piece of land is theirs alone and has no connection to their neighbors or the planet at large.

The way Satanic activity is portrayed is very black and white in the media: pick a side.
We are dealing with humans not mythical devils.  Treating Satanic activity in this way or percieving it like this is akin to a modern citizen of the western world expecting the actions of his fellow citizens to be all good or bad consistently.

So you get robbed once or a crime is perpetrated against you. Are you going to believe every single human being is a criminal and never leave the house again? Most people don’t react that way especially after a time which brings some sort of healing no matter how small.

I am sick of being caught up in a game that’s more about political intrigue/crime yet constantly marketed as some petty war between religious factions.

There ARE other occult presences you know. Christians and Satanists act as if no one else on the planet has deities or devils.

Not all left handed practicing people are involved in ritual abuse especially not to the extent of what I or other Survivors of high level programming experienced.

Nor can you trust many a Christian either.

What about Christian right wing extremists? In the sense of that, garden variety Satanists might be fighting oppression. Rejecting JudeoChristian authority especially when church and state are not seperated and its overbearing (and insane) and going to metal shows and dressing in black is not the kind of activity that worries me.

The Satanic activity that is problematic are the factions that have access to a lot of money ad well as military connections to people like Aquino as well as anyone else on that level

If G. W. Bush is such a Christian then why did the worst high level Satanic activity of my lifetime at least, take place during his administration, with the absolute worst coming during Hayden being head of CIA?

People can pretend to be a lot of things to gain public compliance or hide behind a good front. Some people in office are also programmed and compartmentalized so they themselves are innocent of realizing exactly what they are involved in.

The very nature of Satanism is to utilize deception. Duh. Skepticism is always healthy.

The problem with society is deep down they know this system is based on greed and exploitation, yet America regards itself as Judeo-Christian. This presents the human mind with a problem that is basically unsolvable especially when one is considering survival- food, shelter and animal dominance which in our society is now defined by wealth. As most Survivors know the mind is a computer. And the mind can be kept busy for a lifetime with an unsolvable problem, which is why no NEW DATA is introduced to the public such as different ways of looking at the issues.

They’ve got them right where they want them with the system that’s in place. Thus control is maintained through endless battling and ignorance.

So you have to become a Christian in order to fight high level Satanic activity? Activity that breaks international laws?

Since I have had first hand experience with gang stalking perps coming at me first posing as Satanists then after my writing about my occult background I experienced a lot of activity to push Jesus etc and last year even stalkers walking past saying “If only you’d become a Christian”. So…what’s really going on?

There must be something about the activities of these ‘Orders’ that they want hidden. The childish notions of Christians and devils is what they would rather have the public’s imaginations ensnared in.

Not to say they don’t exist but its never addressing political activities in the human world I notice.

In short they want to reduce a person who is involved in observing what’s going on in the big picture, politically and spiritually, to being that kind of citizen who’s only aware of and involved in their own little reality. It also marginalizes the activist and reduces thier cred.

Its so typical to become a Christian. With a case like mine however, I was never a Satanist, why should I become a Christian?

This could be why the gs system introduces into the Target’s campaign so much blatant Satanic activity. I personally always considered the Satanic Bible to be for white trash types or people who were into a very different line of study than I. The introduction of such Satanic content into my world especially early on in the campaign shows its part of the brainwashing process.

I believe the end result is to neutralize anyone who is connected to or aware of the Order(s) by terrorizing them into being Christians.

This is nothing more than dumbing someone down spiritually as you would lower someone’s status financially or otherwise.

REMEMBER THE NWO WANTS SLAVES, PEOPLE THEY CAN CONTROL. There are various ways of doing this depending on the human being(s) you are dealing with.

LOL, I bet there are perps out there who would try to discredit me as a perp or double agent or some other paranoia due to my refusing Christianity or listening to Satanic music etc.

The very fact that FFCH has Christian prayers on their conference calls is a red flag. Yet I being a genuine TI with enough backup to my story to beat a lot of the other claimants was rejected and treated very badly in those forums and met perps and criminal opportunists on those calls.

Programming and RA are complicated subjects. Especially dealing with high level programming. Its not as simple as converting to Christianity to solve everything. Some Christians do deal with these issues but a lot of them would probably shy away like your average citizen.

There are an entire population of people just like me who describe their programming as being set up just like mine. It seems a combination of good and evil elements.

And who can fight evil better than one who knows it?

Also humans are complex. Just because Christians say they are on a certain path doesn’t mean they are involved in the right way in what’s going on right now.

I notice there are many people born into LDS or Mormon families who claim to be born again Christians yet are involved in being diversions in what’s going on right now. I think there are a lot of people who are acting off of programming that’s been triggered and they aren’t aware of that, of thier true nature, and they aren’t paying detailed attention to what they are doing and how it affects the spiritual war at large or even politically what’s going on with the ‘NWO’.

In this kind of situation, outright Satanists who are overt are of the least concern. At least you can see them and put them aside, accounted for.

The Christians are a pain in the ass becuause they have to be weeded out and viewed carefully because they might be hiding (other programming).

Believe me its never as simple as choosing a side. You’ve got to really asses what you as a person believe in. And recall a time of sanity in this country where law and order were present, without the mind tricks, constant propaganda and all the other factors making our country a prison nowadays just as other countries have fallen to this.

Its going to be much more complicated than becoming a Christian.

Though they can be of assistance, with posts such as the link above. But then again Satanists can be helpful in some instances.

This is what happens when criminal activity is denied to exist or countries refuse to enforce their laws such as no one involved in MK Ultra ever got tried for war crimes all they did was pay off victims. There should have been a trial for the military and CIA involvement. Now its far too easy to deny it even exists though official documents state otherwise.

LAW AND ORDER SHOULD PREVAIL. This is what happens when the legal system is not employed, its delagated as a spiritual matter.


~ by onmc on December 30, 2011.

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