A Good Web Page On The Entertainment Industry Exhibiting Secret Societies, Occult, Mind Control Slavery


I feel a whole lot better about whatever I have ended up with for a life as opposed to some of these people.

The site is reaching sometimes in trying to show images of celebrities with it evidence of occult involvement simply due to the clothing their wearing or some gesture they were photographed in.

For instance a picture of jack black wearing what’s supposed to be a star on his shirt.
It’s just a start it’s not a pentagram. Looks like more of a Gen X stab at 70’s irony.
However most of the examples are convincing.

Also the site as a section concerning doubles. I think more what they are seeing as opposed to real physical doubles of human being’s bodies are the results of years in the industry especially if they are targeted. Being targeted can make you look like that. Gang Stalking is multi faceted and part of the long.term campaign for Survivors of mind control is usually behavior modification programs.

Artists have is the power to make people think and wake them up from oppression. They know this and this is one way to ensure control.
One never knows from the outside who has been programmed from infancy/intergenerationally or who is being targeted later in life to destroy them or their careers. At least I don’t but there are often indications that the system has had tabs on them since childhood.

(sorry about the underlining it kept coming on by itself. ?)


~ by onmc on January 6, 2012.

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