Satanist FAIL At Convincing Us Unlawful Satanists Don’t Exist/Logic Lost Hanging From Upside Down Cross

Would you give me a f*ckin break??!!
We get it, that there are law abiding Satanists. Geez, these people are always suffering from being persecuted they are so damn insecure.
EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THERE ARE LAW ABIDING SATANISTS! Happy now? Its in capital letters. Lets scream it from the hilltops.
OK that being said, lets look at how illogical and unfair this piece is.

Just becuz you claim to belong to a percentage that are law abiding does not mean there aren’t those that aren’t law abiding.
It’s hard enough obviously, to defend your faction, the law abiding Satanists so why attempt to
-defend Satanists as a whole
(using vague measurements and parameters of Satanists everywhere.)
-use minimization of the actions of non law abiding Satanists (trying very hard to push the idea they are a minority among all Satanists.)
Why try so hard to defend or minimize the actions of non law abiding Satanists? Worry about your own kind, the supposed law abiding kind.

Crime has little to do with religion. Church and state are separated in the USA. It matters little if you try to claim that certain groups were more so criminals than religious Satanists to explain away their actions.

The author themselves points out how easy it is to pay off cops. As if that isn’t the case in every single nation around the world not just Mexico, Africa or India where corruption is an OVERT part of the economy and the social structure. In western countries it’s merely a COVERT part of the economy and the social structure.
So who’s to say Satanists on high levels don’t do dealings with authorities to cover their crimes? How would we know? The author has stated the only reason said drug gang got caught was doing something sloppy. (I will tell u what happened-they got given up as scapegoats becuz they drew heat on the operation and this way no one looks any further at the international drug ties up the ladder, any other ‘associates’ or more cops/authorities. Most busts the public sees are akin to a surgical procedure. A small part of the criminal operations is exposed and removed but never are all the criminals accounted for. The world would be crime free if this were allowed to happen. Much crime is allowed to continue and it seems that people with influence, investments and their friends in various law enforcement agencies perpetuate that system.)
So right there its obvious that corrupt, non law abiding persons or organized groups could exist and couldn’t be accounted for. So give it a f*ckin rest. Genius.

The very nature of Satanism is to utilize deception. God of Lies.
Right there such claims of wonderful law abiding citizens could be considered null and void.
The snake eats its own tail, baby.

And don’t mistake me for an Evangelical or whatever Christian. I am not a Christian.

I have experienced RA and other things that are not easily explained away by simple denials. Its all a bit complex and tied into very real human activities like greed, money and vices to be mere fantasies.

Last point: denying the experiences of others does not affect your faction’s status as law abiding Satanists. Whether RA exists or does not has no bearing on YOUR status. You can only control YOU and your actions. So do so. And STOP DENYING OTHER PEOPLES THEIR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF EXPRESSION as that is in fact against the American sense of justice and if done directly is indeed illegal.

I could easily claim (or counter in this matter) that the author’s claims of being law abiding are ‘fantasies’ in the form perhaps of purposeful deceptions or just wishful thinking, just as the author has invalidated claimants of RA.

I understand we live in a society that is brain washed and there is a lot of complications having to do with Judeo-Christianity. Law abiding Satanists are misrepresented by ignorance and lots of propaganda and misconceptions.
Religions control the populous and anyone getting people to think outside that are a threat. Welcome to a democracy-where the controls are always set up to appear to be choices.

Simply because one group or faction of Satanists claims there exists a percentage (which is impossible to prove accurately) of ‘law abiding Satanists’ does not make it true there are not a percentage of Satanists who ARE criminals. This may include people utilizing human beings for profit, energy (either by physical sacrifice or by other means such as metaphysical, proxy [Anton LaVey’s descriptive word exactly] or various methods where physical contact doesnt even have to be made) and in the process of doing so break national and international law. Especially when unethical human experimentation are involved and of course, torture.

Trying to at once represent yourselves, as well as, discredit anyone making claims concerning other factions of Satanists that shouldn’t concern you is quite a big order to take on-and you fail miserably.
This is what I hate about religious types. This is why Justice and Truth are concepts incorporated into Law and are constructed to be seperate from religions.

This is also the biggest problem with RA tied into Survivors of high level programming etc.
I personally am not as wounded by what was perpetrated against me spiritually as I am concerning what was done that is obviously illegal and took away my human and civil rights -under international law and as an American citizen.

What urks me the most are pieces like these that focus on one group seeking to defend themselves and in doing so they revictimize another.
First of all don’t even bring that over here. I’ve already pointed out the many ways you need to mind your own and stop messin where it ain’t your business.

Also I understand Satanists are selfish by nature but being partially so myself-so am I. I am also deadly territorial (which a Satanist coincidentally pointed out to me years ago) and I do not like anyone messing with my people. Or MY claims either.

If this is a bullshit ploy you are going to have to do better than this-be greatful for the number of simple minds out there.
If this is genuine considering the Judeo-Christian dominance in this culture (usually full of sheep who aren’t very Christian in their daily lives anyway but adhere to these beliefs out of sheer mortal fear of not fitting in with mainstream society) then back off of anyone and everyone other than yourselves and your specific claims of being law abiding.

It will help all just parties involved to focus on their own concerns. The sooner the public understands there exist a very real threat to human and civil rights stemming partially from select Satanic factions internationally the sooner they can understand its not YOU, the law abiding Satanist who are responsible.
Why, you’d think you’d want any and all negative attention to be deflected from you and yours by simply stating that whatever else is going on with other Satanic factions, its not you, the law abiding Satanist.

It seems the oldest trick has always been to convince man that such forces do not exist when its plain they do indeed exist.
If you are trying to perpetuate such naivete you will succeed most likely.

But this is not about spiritual warfare its about law and order.

Try not to forget about law and order…and logic might be nice. Try using that in your arguements more often. Instead of sounding as zealot and mindless as your Christian counter parts.


~ by onmc on January 15, 2012.

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