The Satanic Influence by Rich Essence

This author and long time activist does such a better job than I do becuz he is orderly and has gone through all the information whereas I am so targeted and burnt out I can’t go on with research really as well as I’m scattered usually.

Thats why he does what he does and I do what I do. Ive never read this..or if I have I skimmed it and it only sank in partially.

This lines up with all my experiences as documented.  Its unbelievable still. Its true though: postal workers, transportation…its all there. Perps wearing red heavily.

It should resemble harassment after breaking ties with gilts becuz if you are a Survivor of mind control especially programming you are basically breaking ties with such factions anyway. Many Survivors can recount their programming included Ritual Abuse.

Many accounts of RA sound outlandish and some sound within the realm of possibility. I’m not going to sit here and defend RA survivors becuz there’s too many crazies and disinformation agents involved to defend. I would have to read every account. The public dont want to believe such forces actually exist. Such forces are part of humanity and instead of denying them one should accept thier co existence.

You can’t control these forces nor these groups. Obviously they aren’t easily busted and taken to justice for their illegal activities which is all anyone should be concerned about when dealing with this subject matter. Human and civil rights violations, international law etc.

Most people base their perceptions on moral judgements or Judeo-Christian knee jerk reactions. These forces have been around long before Abrahamic religions evolved therefore they aren’t exclusively the creation of Judeo-Christian beliefs.

In every culture they exist. To deny dark forces is childish, foolish and ignorant of history as well as the nature of man.

You can only control yourself and protect your own. This was the mistake of therapists involved in Satanic Panic. They were naive enough to believe they could bring these activities to light. I often wonder if much of the fiasco wasnt created by those factions themselves so they could debunk it later.

You have to accept their existence as part of the natural state of this planet, this dimension this world. Its up to the individual as to what they will or won’t partake in or tolerate.

Its almost as if religion’s greatest fear on all sides is that humans will discover their free Will.

What IS unnatural is technologies that control, alter and manipulate human behavior. It gives power structures, authorities such as government and yes, anti human factions far too much leverage.

This isn’t the end of the world nor is it totally and completely ‘evil’. The dark side often forces growth and makes us question exactly what we believe in or what we ourselves want to stand for morally.
Certain Satanic belief systems tend to be hateful and represent anti human and anti life philosophies. However the Masonic mindset is one that focuses emotionlessly and  impersonally on perfection, mathematical precision and building. We experience this as much activity making up gang stalking and behavior modification attempting to take a human being and mold them into exact specifications. To their way of thinking one can be made to then ‘fit’ into the order of things, akin to stone being molded to brick then fit into a structure according to mathematical precision creating a ‘perfect’ structure.

Thier mind-set hasn’t changed in thousands of years and its not going to. This is more Luciferian than Satanic. Its impersonal not hateful and seeks only to build perfect order not destroy human life. Yet its anti humanness comes with their obsession with perfection, order and structures as opposed to human beings and the Natural world.

These are just two forces or presences in our world to contend with. There are many other belief systems involved such as the other Abrahamic religions as well as other belief systems world wide.

‘Satanic’ is a pretty broad sweeping term. However it does seem that all involved fall into the extremely greedy, cheap and self interested category. Thats accurate.

In this we can see the worst of human behavior rationalized and streamlined, into a belief system. The elite if you will may genuinely be religious about their satanic outlooks. It is recorded in history that such peoples at this level have always partaken in anti human behavior in the form of disregard for human life – war, extreme perversions, blood ritual, torture etc. Its been said by historians that Bathory learned her bloodthirsty behaviors from the elite but she herself wasnt reared early enough or well enough in that culture so she was.indescreet about her obsessions.

Again we see from history that the victims died becuz of their ignorance and not believing a person of high status would do such things. This is the exact victim mentality that average people have now even with all the info available today.

The problem is personal responsibility. Years ago our great grandmothers and ancestors had seen enough corruption, war and revolution to know what folk always should: that people in power are capable of anything and everything.

If people would realistically look at our world and human nature, then run their houses and warn their children accordingly about whats really going on people wouldn’t fall victim as easily. YOU the individual or you and your family as a group have to decide what you really believe and where you stand.

Most of the time I see a society that wants the therapists and law enforcement to do it all for them. Its such a modern concept to have therapists discover Satanic Ritual Abuse and run to law enforcement instead of the public protecting themselves to begin with.

Modern people believe in medicine, science, psychiatry and technology as if these are human beings who only want to help them and are incapable of criminal or anti human behavior.

Satanism is largely manipulation and deception. Thats what is not stressed in cases where they bust Satanic cults. The cult only got busted becuz they werent in with the right people and were being overt and careless. Perhaps as a diversion or to throw law enforcement a bone for the papers.

Gang Stalking does exist and so does Satanic Ritual Abuse but its much more subtle and hidden than the usual cult thats in the news. Becuz its part of a huge power structure that can’t be busted or brought to justice.

So just deal with the reality that such a thing has a great amount of power in our human civilization and act accordingly. You can either bow down or sell out or live in denial if you choose, or you can define your own principles and morals and live by them strictly. Its all about what you are willing to sacrifice to live according to your ideals. 

The most singlularly annoying thing about gang stalking is the cult like peer pressure thats applied to the Target via psychological warfare by such a huge network of people. They want the Target to stop caring about the things they do and agree with THEIR beliefs and ideals.
Which of course is all done in the interest of trying to stop a victim witness from testifying-even if that testimony is merely in a self published book. This is why they harassed as many experimentees from MK Ultra and the radiation experiments as they could so they wouldn’t show up to testify at the Presidential Advisory Committee in 1995.
One more person coming forward is another story that ads to a body of testimony. Survivors of programming not only have similar stories and circumstances we often have physical similarities.

Whoever is behind these strange things in our world they are very threatened of and need to supress Survivors.

They assist in discreditation by having crazies come forward with stories that don’t follow the usual pattern. Then these people are showcased by skeptics and debunking SRA altogether is easy.

What makes it most easy for them however is the public not wanting to handle unpleasant or difficult realities about life. In a country where Disney World is one of the top vacation destinations and its natural for Americans to want to go or have been there (like a ritual in itself), what can we expect? America is a country full of escapists. This has alot to do with immigrants  too recent genocide of the original inhabitants, systematically walling off that unpleasantness from their national consciousness and living on the land as if its been our homeland for millenia. This deception has a price: a country that has to work constantly to keep its identity intact, near constant war or war mongering and escapism.

America aside, this system exists internationally. I think traditionally some countries are more realistic about such realities like Eastern Europe, former USSR, India etc. I don’t know yet I haven’t been there.


~ by onmc on February 21, 2012.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

The Dirtiest Secret Behind Child Abuse

Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.