The Satanic Influence pt 2

There are people who speak about the changes recently and living in a much more oppressive society but these realizations are temporary. These people will move away from the subject and retreat naturally back to the societal structure as its set up. Not knowing what is going on fully, they don’t see the deceptions in the way their lives are lived daily as a part of the oppression. Its a normal reaction.
Targets have had to stretch their minds to fully accept the reality of what going on, to us and to the world. Those of us who don’t remain sane, have had our minds’ ‘blown’ if you will. Many of us sadly know someone who’s targeted when we see them, the ones that don’t make it this far. And who’s to say any of us who function now will continue to do so?

The only thing out of order right now is globalization and using chemicals and tech to control human beings. Those are very big changes for humans. Globalization could be like Europe hundreds of years ago coming together as the old world being unaware of other continents or at least unexplored. Our entire globe can unite yet we have other planets unexplored…if we get that far.

The use of tech to control humans…the reason I balk at that as being new to us is that biblical stories as well as historical ones and ancient records show this kind of tech may have been in use to control human behavior. I am not touching that one and we all know why.

However whatever…er, forces were in control before, man was allowed to reflect, to dream to imagine. To have privacy to explore himself and the world around him. Electromagnetic pollutions and the manipulations of Will and emotions that can be carried through these interrupt or make impossible these processes. The technologies we engage in daily have tethered us to a uniform way of thinking or connected us socially in ways where we may not be able to disconnect.

The reason the Native American issue is so clear to me now is becuz basically recent changes have destroyed my country.  Gone is the culture I knew in my home state and region. Globalization such as gentrifying cities and rebuilding/ restructuring physically and then introducing the structuring created by population managing tech and chemicals (chemical trails etc) have destroyed the country as it was. America really no longer exists. And the propaganda pushed that we should believe in Equality yet embrace Diversity and celebrate being different has created isolatated factions living in a collective. Thats not ‘Americans’ nor a nation.

Thus now that America no longer exists as it did as a truly unified nation, its easier to form that Native theory. If America was solid like it once was, then it could stand but now its full of So and So Americans or the military industrial complex or corporate running our lives this is not the place I recall as my country. Many of us left stateless by the Bush era or homeless by gentrification feel this way. Many Americans have left.

With globalization comes the uprooting of what made immigrant created ‘America’ stand on its own. Now the only real solid ‘America’ I see thats true is in places with Native Americans or perhaps Mexicans. Its a nice place to visit but I don’t want to live here.

What Mark Rich is writing about exists and probably always has. However with the world in transition with such major changes as recently it no longer involves isolated cases of Survivors of mind control or cults. It seems that such targeted people have information about the deceptions involved in the transition being orchestrated and controlled by special interests.

Its as if a transition was supposed to occur but was hijacked by a core of very powerful people, so they could control it to suit their interests. Why else would they require the existence of mass mind control?

Many Survivors of programming are capable of seeing whats really going on becuz we were never controlled by the normal outside system that defines this culture to its inhabitants. And we see the eerie similarities between mass mind control and internal programming.

The video games, the use of art and music, the computer, remastering of music in a specific way, HD tv, digitizing all Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images, propaganda, the media being restructured resulting in a cultural dumb and tight control and manipulation of information, interactive, interface but worst of all passive consumption such as television for example.
What are you being taught by passive consumption of reality tv? Becuz you are being taught- how to think and percieve, even judge your fellow citizens. Things like spying and exploiting people’s private lives is ok for entertainment.

It should be illegal but its like a non issue that a now callous and desensitized American public now are all in possession of what amounts to spying equipment. And this is NOT a huge problem?

Those first things I mentioned are for brain entrainment. The rest is social control or thought control.

Another obvious issue is the systematic destruction of alternatives. Alternative cultures, scenes, venues, housing etc. Years ago if you hated the mainstream it was ok to go subculture. Not in cyberspace but physically get away from hair feathered preppies in small clubs or coffee shops etc or to take to the road as a traveler. Its been made increasingly difficult to find anywhere truly alternative to go physically. Interestingly these changes came about mid 90s. The mainstream people started wearing fetish wear in broad daylight running their errands in the mall and YUPpies drove Harley’s decked out in Harley store gear…I knew it was the beginning of The End then and its only gotten considerably worse. You couldn’t tell who the enemy was anymore and who was ally. It was hip to appear alternative without really being as such. It became something you could buy and these kinds of people like hipsters, the new YUPpies etc all bought into it…and many scenes sold out or simply had nowhere to exist.

Notice how certain words are no longer used in our society. Phony or fake, plastic people, even ‘tacky’. These are definately times when those words need to be in use but they aren’t….becuz like Disney World the American loathes anyone screwing with their escapism.

And as long as the new money and the YUPpies and the African American ghetto glorifying culture is buying, truly alternative scenes will have a hard time existing. By the early 90s it was normal for corporate to now discover a new alternative scene and be able to harvest it at its fruition, repackage it for the mainstream, thus destroying any possible evolution or branch off, then simply dispose of it for whatever is next.

Society is totally and completely controlled. No one is left alone or allowed to be left alone. No scenes can fester or grow naturally unless its a bunch of rich kids then I notice its undisturbed to continue and even then there’s little tolerance.

We have an entire generation born native to modern personal technologies and raised by hovering parents. These are not people who understand freedom or that there ever was any.

All of these things can go on but without mass mind control none of it would be as effective for the enslavement of mankind. When Bush won his second term USING MASS MND CONTROL VIA TECHNOLOGY (many citizens either voted Republican when they didn’t plan to or like myself didn’t vote at all due to resisting being better than taking wrong action. I took note becuz this oddity was in papers and on radio mentioned by befuddled citizens) that right there is part of whats wrong with this entire system.

The attitude of the authorities is that none of these disregards for human life means anything becuz they figure if a dangerous disorderly world of animals is managed it is going to improve life globally for everyone. No more mess. Only order and prosperity.

The beauty of natural (not induced) chaos is lost. What it means to be truly human is gone. The true quality of life being human is no longer available.
And what of the torture and constant stress on humans such a system requires?
They don’t care about human beings. They want populations managed and they are obsessed with order.

Survivors of programming percieve this globalized world as a massive Luciferian programming system which is obsessed with order.

The hate involved in gs campaigns is Satanic in nature. Yet in last few years Ive had Christianity being pushed on me which means they just want Survivors controlled and they don’t care by what belief system.

In 2006 kids in on this would walk near and say things like ” Wheres your god now?”. Last summer in downtown Boston a guy passed me and exclaimed “If only you’d become a Christian”. So how does this make sense?
Its psy ops not reality. They succeed when they get you to believe. Destroying or imprisoning someone’s soul is simply a Satanic side bonus for the main purpose: national security (covering US war crimes).


~ by onmc on February 22, 2012.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

The Dirtiest Secret Behind Child Abuse

Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.