The GS System Establishes Parameters On Targets In Any Given Location Within USA If TI Stays Beyond Brief Visit

I now have established a pattern over many years time concerning the creation of tech parameters to contain a Targeted Individual in any given city.

This system knows I am a creature of habit and a daily routine keeps me sane and organized.

They take full advantage of this and perhaps the targeting with tech even encourages an Austistic like state, which I now believe it does.

Getting stuck in these patterns makes the Target easier to
brainwash. Repetition being the definition of brainwashing.

Ive noted that when I arrive in a location, tactical harassment/stalking begins within hours.

The system then waits to see what areas I am going to frequent most. It may be able to predict this due to my gravitating towards areas common to local squatting homeless and Travelers.

I note these areas are targeted with ‘remote influence’ most likely via tech and perhaps psychic warriors within a day or two.
The remote hypnotism and constant interface/suggestion via coercion  becomes daily, consistent and often unbearable and always focuses heavily on behavior modification.

The only way to avoid this is to keep moving quickly through different locations which of course causes stress to the Target as well as prevents any work of value being accomplished.

The TI of course seeks to establish consistency out of fear which is totally normal as well as to heal the damage done by years of a GS campaign.


~ by onmc on March 17, 2012.

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