Device That Strengthens Natural Human Electromag Field


The results these people are getting from this gadget sound much like what Ive experienced from just traveling, not staying in one place too long and sleeping outside.

Many TIs end up houseless which means outside alot. This increases our being exposed to electromagnetic pollution every night and day.

It seems very much on purpose that we can’t sleep in train tunnels or other places where we would be able to get some relief from electromag pollution, especially since we are targeted as well.

What the ad isn’t admitting to is that man made electromagnetic fields ARE the cause of the disruptions and indeed are very unhealthy for humans and other living things on earth.m

The excuse is that computers run everything so we ‘need’ them. Civilizations have survived for thousands of years without constant connection to the internet everywhere.
If it is bad for humans and actually LOWERS our quality of life then why would people act as if they couldn’t live without such a system?

Mass mind control.
Plain and simple. The public isn’t stupid just under near constant hypnosis.

The vid doesn’t make it clear if this gadget actually works to block out or lessen the original problem: man made electromag fields.

It also doesn’t consider if amplifiing one’s natural field is actually good for one in the long run.
It also doesn’t address if messing with naturally set levels of fields in the environment, both man made and the human body’s, is destructive or of no consequence overall and over time.


~ by onmc on March 18, 2012.

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