Mind Control Supporting Israel Similar To Brainwashing To Force Obedience And Conformity


Don’t get me mixed up in any Judeo-Christian/Satanist battles or any battles between Abrahamic religions generally.

Its well known I believe our ancient ancestral beliefs are sufficient or none at all just an evolved humanity.

The reason I post this is becuz is I have experienced this. During the Bush years. The times of black helicopters and white vans and this campaign going 24/7.

Yet it was not in it seemed from tech like microwaves. It seemed to be caused by a benign, non mood or mind altering prescription drug.and even the pharmacist in Illinois where I picked it up at Walgeeens warned me not to take it. I was staying in that hostel in St Louis and the torture, gang.stalking and use.of tech there was the absolute worst it has ever been anywhere at any time. This was during Hayden being the head of the CIA and his time in that position marks the worst torture in my campaign to date.

I now have measured the rhythms and changes over time and realize its not who’s president strictly that changes one’s campaign as a TI but who is head of Central Intelligence.

I noticed that after taking.this pill from.this suspect bottle that I began to receive rather LOUD mental speech in my.’head’. The content was very simple…a bit too simple.for a psychotropic or psychedelic drug.

It read “I WANT to conform. I WANT to obey. ” It was so intensely repetitive.that I knew.it.wasn’t a normal emission from my.own.Psyche. I suspected whatever.this.drug was.either.caused.this.effect.or made the subject much more susceptible to the contents being.pumped out through technological means.

I experimented and stopped taking the pills then.took one.again.

The results were that only when.this.medication was ingested did this effect come into being.

Why did I experiment on myself? -My.maternal cousin.is a.science.PhD. I imagine its part of my.make up as well. In fact a female.perp mocked me once about it. Their entire goal is to hide any and all assets the TI has, marketing us as very.different people than we are in reality, then, knowing over time, the campaign with.all.its. horrors will render the Target useless anyway.

So I am not the only TI to experience this.

I have only gotten brain washing that suggests I might have Jewish DNA.from way back and also I get ALOT of Truman Show content where very Jewish famous people are watching supposedly and either routing for me or are supportive of me.

I sometimes get a suggestion that’s a mere ideation not speech where if I want.to be safe from this, I should move.to Israel and live out the rest of my.life there. That I would be accepted there.

Its very confusing as Israel would logically go up against Neo Nazi Scandinavian Satanic crime groups but also I have had some nasty harassment from perps claiming to be from Israel as well as the meanest media psy ops possible pertaining to Israeli content. And of course, Hollywood just does NOT stop with this nonsense.

So its confusing. Being who and what I am I can’t see Arabs or Muslims being fond of me either.

All of this is to totally confuse me so I can’t fight back becuz I.don’t know who is friend and who is foe.

They k know damned well once I know the target I will lock on it and destroy…through a few different means I can utilize. They know I am an effective predator or fighter. So they keep me totally smoke screened.

Just today coming out of Walmart in Quincy MA, I.got.this weird reflection.of myself or image.of me from.someone elsewhere perception- that I was “dangerous”. That I looked just like an Israeli woman in their military. I reminded someone of one of those fighting women.

Brainwashing or Accidental Interface With Observer???

One always wonders if such instances of being able to supposedly read someone ‘s mind who is supposedly observing is ‘accidental’ at all or if its part of the head games.

I vote for head game personally.

So its debatable if such content.comes alley from tech or needs the assistance of druggings.

I will always wonder if the pharmacist warned me truly to help or as part of experimentation, to.see how a subject goes about CONSCIOUSLY fighting mind control using the Will.

You Are Not Alone


~ by onmc on April 6, 2012.

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