Death Metal Murders Documentary Pt 4-Driving Victims To Suicide Via Psychological Warfare

8:35-8:55 Psychological terror to pressure thier victim into committing suicide..

8:55 Other deaths by various means..

(gee its like witnesses from the JFK assasination case or 9-11, lol. If they had more money or resources like the big boys do, they could have gotten rid of people with cancer or airplane crashes…hahaha.)

The lying ass kid in the video is full of sh*t. Its not the first time people who are SATANISTS have been found guilty of such crimes. Forget what kind of music. It just so happens that this world wide organization has many metal bands involved in what goes on. When people start realizing that thier believe system in itself lends to these kinds of actions, they will start seeing how every cult is an extension of the bigger ones. People simply choose not to believe, essentially because they are afraid, lazy or cant face the ‘devil’ within themselves. Instead of outright saying they harbor sympathies towards these kinds of belief systems they choose to go along with the deception of denial that such things even exist or that such things occur as often as they do.

Once again, I say that I believe such people and thier beliefs have been around since human history began. Its the access to technologies, and other means of decieving or controlling the masses that is the problem now. Its given them unfair advantage over the public in the never ending games for people’s souls and minds.

People dont want to work hard enough to see through deceptions.

What is unbelievable is the factions of such people who do have access to using military grade technologies as means to the same ends as the dumb kids they catch committing such crimes.



~ by onmc on May 18, 2012.

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