The Process Church

I have never read anything so ridiculous in all my life. Its so convoluted.

As in many pieces I read the author takes one group associated with Satanism and use this as example that all Satanists are totally innocent and not capable of deception, violence, abuse, abuse using,rituals, stealing energy, rape torture and even sacrifice done remotely, or virtually, using any number of mediums even music with ritual contained therein.

I and others have experienced some or all of these coming from self proclaimed Satanists.

It annoys me when people insist on making Satanism seem harmless. Why would you believe this as deception is part of Satanism?

That and the general belief system they mapped out strikes me as totally ridiculous but that bit is just personal opinion.

Religion generally is what screws up this planet. That and man having the ability to create but not the wisdom to do so responsibly.

Its difficult for people to grasp the way Survivors view Satanic activity, those of us who refuse to be frightened or bullied into Christianity.

Many Survivors have become Christians and many Targeted Individuals claim to have been Christian all along.

Its different when its part of your programming. It almost seems as if part of the Gang Stalking’s purpose is to drive a Survivor of programming to be forced to choose between taking on Satanism willingly not just as a programmed child or to choose to become a Christian and drop all power instilled within from childhood programming.

Why this is so important I am not sure. Its logical to assume that this system just wants the Survivor controlled, as usual.

I think all religion is bs and the powers that be simply want people controlled. Just choose one. What they dont want is someone who will express things naturally as they grow after breaking programming.

Anton LaVey in the 60s equates with Aquino and thats getting into military, programming and mind control.

I dont get freaked out by what these cults are about seems to be the difference. I expect them to be as they are pulling the things they do. Theyve been around forever. The public screw themselves by not admitting to the existence of these people in our society. Strangely,their presence is accepted nowadays more than ever yet without the disapproval one would expect which seems to have been replaced by denial.

This is because instead of upjolding justice and law and focusing on human and civil rights as well as international war crimes laws, people base their judgements on religious belief.

I dont care what your motive is. Its not right to utilize technologies and other means to control and influence humanity and its affairs world wide. Its fundamentally wrong.
It isnt why humans are here. Thats the problem nowadays, the balance has been totally lost. Deceptions run everything. Its as if truth itself is illegal.

It bothers me,that people dont believe that such people and their deeds exist in real life. And when they do they are coming from a Christian perspective.

Thats whats wrong. Why Survivor’s lives are miserable til the death. No one believes us and if they do and we arent Christian then what?

Many cults hide what really goes on and insiders arent talking with good reason.

I dont mind considering any religious perspective or belief system. The problem arises when groups try to hide what might be illegal activity by dancing around the issue with ploys trying to gain social acceptance.

Humans have a long history of religious human sacrifice and even cannibalism. If you face this and question your own personal beliefs and desires within then you can trust yourself truly. What religion is,it that one curbs dark selfish urges in order to do whats right? And really mean it, live it.

I dont think Christianity should be the only answer to RA and programming Survivors continued suffering.

But whats written above certainly makes little sense. Why would you want to rearrange a bunch of predefined deities?

I dont know what all Satanists do. I am pretty sure however that there are some in existence who do some real damage to individuals and humanity.


~ by onmc on May 25, 2012.

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