Masons Link To Israel And The NWO

The king of Israel? Are you serious?  Thats not what my instinct tells me. Its more to do with Egypt and yes, Babylon and Assyria.

With me its strictly Egyptian in content.  Whatever knowledge I was  born with.  And I do strongly connect to the Rosicrucians. But also to knights and to another side of that knighthood which is wearing a brown hooded robe.  Israel may have some influence but it seems like a more modern historical filter. As if the knowledge is more concentrated in Egypt and of course from the original sources before that, which I wont get into speculating over that here.

Perhaps that is why I dont exactly feel bonded or comfortable with the Masons. Much of it is…familiar but its-different. Its like a branch on the same tree or a family member who is related but different from oneself. 

And the all male rule is just laughable. When is society going to get hip to the fact that many power structures- both secret and official, exist only to ensure men never get drawn back into a matriarchial society? Its SO obvious. And laughable.

The rituals I encountered along this ordeal have been men draining  me of energy for thier own benefit. Its obvious that ceratain women are the ones who are elite and males have these constructed and constantly manned power centers, almost like magical symbolic buildings in themselves,  in order to sacrifice, keep, isolate, drain and use women so THEY can continue to (appear) to rule the earth.

If certain males are perhaps worthy to rule fine. But large secretive groups of mostly males hidden from society? Its almost as if man has finally found a way to steal the power of the original gods on earth- through such secret societies. I have personally witnessed them isolating a powerful human female and through ritual draining her of her power for thier own use, even in worldy affairs or to empower (through possession with said female’s essence, life force and energy) a male they needed to put into worldy power for some part of their grand plans they are always up to.

Still, realize that not all of the geometry, math, symbols and magick is THIERS nor used for thier ends only. There are other branches of the ‘family’ tree. Thats what they dont want you to know.  There are Orders who work to see  humanity gets thier fair share and recieves knowledge to fight such oppressive, secretive societies.

I see now their plans and their want to enslave  mankind. What is so disgusting about it is their plans always include leeching off of and subjegating womankind most of all. And its not even THIER energy. If people only knew its only the true elite on this planet that are worthy of ruling or that its a bunch of men using women like power cells until they are dead who are POWERLESS without doing so, I think the world would be very different.

BTW, Israel can go straight to hell. Its a mythical place created by humans. I admire thier spirit and respect thier religious beliefs FOR THEM but not for everyone on earth and they DO have a penchant for wanting to prove to everyone else that THIER god is the true god. Not so and this behavior needs to stop. Its in total disregard for other forms of human life on this planet.

I notice that alot of what is being done with the technologies and the various ways they are controlling humankind right now consists of promoting any and all Abrahamic religions, thier various offshoots like Catholicism as well as thier reactionary belief systems like Satanism. Its all over the media and its getting disgusting.

What ever happened to Eastern religions? What about ancient Egypt? Why would you want to promote something as ancient as Judaism but disregard something just as legit as other ancient religions from the same or close by regions?

Its favoritism plain and simple and its being done to control human beings plain and simple. Religion is a way of controlling people. Thats all its ever been good for. And the less the religion has any true connection to the people who believe in it, like a historical connection through ethnicity etc, the more cult like it is and serves as mind control.

Part of the NWO is religion and I wish of all methods of enslaving mankind this wasnt part of what they are doing. I’d rather seen Satanism take over the entire planet than to see any Abrahamic religion gain influence over peoples of the earth. Which is the case now. And what they are doing is anyone who is dissident to those religious systems, is being herded towards Satanism.

You cant THINK clearly enough to study alchemy or Rosicrucianism if you are targeted belive me. They just want you to choose between one king or another. Its so dumbed down. And to think you have to hide in some area with no electromagnetic pollution to even be free of this influence. Its ridiculous and no one is stopping them. Activists are hit so hard and so controlled right now you cant even get the word out in a coherent manner!

They are going to build thier world wide project, even though they have no right to and they are total fakes-charlatans, technomancers. They are going to win. Becuz anyone who is big enough to make a difference is being kept very small right now and probably for life will be.  They dont represent power, they represent a falsified power. A collection of ants trying to be like gods.

When they build thier tower of babel sort of things as they do often enough historically they are not trying to be like GOD they are trying to be like the gods. The ancient gods. This is who they are stealing from, leeching from working together in great numbers to succeed.  As a collective they are a force.

I am sure they regard themselves as the ultimate republic going up against the true elite on this planet.  Yeah, they know how to run thier affairs. Thats why they pollute thier environment when there are many ways to harness resources right from the earth’s magnetic field itself for energy and many other things they  know but refuse to allow the public to see. They could easily be in harmony with Nature using science and create huge amounts of power. But instead they act like nothing but overly intelligent apes which is exactly what they are. I dont blame Lucifer for hating them one bit.

And to think some of them believe he is thier god. All they are doing is using their intelligence to satisfy thier ape like aggressions and desires-yet again.


~ by onmc on June 17, 2012.

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