RA Survivors Who Remain In Cult Mind Control And Dont Connect The Cult To Worldly Affairs Are Less Of A Threat To The System

I believe she is genuine.  Whats telling is going from one blood ritual, to another. Its her personal preference however and I am not dissing the Survivor.

My point is that when we look at Pat Robertson’s business affairs we see why its so important to get Survivors into another form of cult belief system, especially where ritual is present.

Look at the end of the vid when she says the blood has never lost its power and it wont lose its power. She is still involved IN RITUAL is the point.

For some people this level of savior and healing is enough. They are happy and healthy within an alternate religion one that focuses on pro life or humanism etc. Its certainly  better for the person as a human being.

For those of us who want to dig deeper into the issues of RA specifically the connections to world politics and commerce- we often find THIS is what is the threat to the system not simply being a Survivor. Survivors who can be handled and controlled are always going to fare better. Note how there was no mention of any kind of harassment which is actually common for people trying to break away from the physical and spiritual hold Satanic cults have on them.

Now we know why we get approached by both Satanists and Christians on our journey of trying to get away from mind control. As long as you dont start connecting the existence of the cult and all that goes with it with political affairs and the real world, you arent as much of a threat.


~ by onmc on June 20, 2012.