Satanic Hand Signs In Sports

Because Sena always was, and always will be, an idiot.

Its not the Satanic content I mind as much as the full on deception pulled off on a gullible Judeo-Christian public who live way too far into a comfort zone…and really dont practice what they claim to believe.

Sena for example pushes the US Marine thing which of course angers me because my grandmother and her husband were both Marines in WWII. Its about going to battle, discipline and clearing the way for the other branches not buffing up on steroids and being a famous circus ring a-hole. He is marketing the image of the US Marines to a selfish, lazy American public who lean on easy images to survive, fit in and be socially acceptable or a truly hardworking part of America who are sucked in by such a schtick not realizing that entertainment types care little for the sacrifices made in actual wars.

The Tiger Woods bit is a little ott for me but, you decide.

As for the gangsta nonsense…tsk. Who cares really. Its not relevant to me so I have no opinion. They dont exist in my world. Whatever.


~ by onmc on July 15, 2012.