Northampton Seems To Be One Of Those Areas In Western MA And East Coast With Templar Symbolism, Not Masonic/Could Find No Connections To Corruption In History,_Massachusetts#section_1

Light research anyway.

Could find nothing linking smith college or Northampton to MK Ultra. And it actually seems like a city very in line with my true, original belief system, before being driven over edge lately.

No military present overtly either. No bases listed.

However…there is alot of Templar symbolism here. Pyramids, two pillars-usually represented as illuminated.  The city hall and other buildings look like a  castle. The main church features Mary (female deity) and has Templar symbolism in the windows, repping everything from the grail to the Templars fondness for banking (among other things).

So why in the hell wud I get TARGETED here? This is like MY damn city if anything. Well…for most of whst i am anyway.

Perhaps this is why I intuitively feel comfortable and am stubborn about leaving.


~ by onmc on September 18, 2012.

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