A Running Suggestion Via Subliminal Involving Once Again The Use Of A Specific Black Metal Band

Ive mentioned that much content in my campaign has consisted of certain black metal bands. Ive also mentioned that in different locations i often get strong ideations to attend umass boston even flashes of vision of the college itself.

Ive noted that over time, i have repeatedly experienced having softer longer visions as well as pleasant feelings going along with wn ideation to attend umass boston when listening to gorgoroth’s song Prosperity and Beauty. Various songs off of this album, Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam, seem to cause this effect.
This experience with very specific stimuli namely songs off this album, occurs consistently, and in the same way each time.

I cannot determine if these embeds or subliminals are in all copies of these mp3s or just ones specifically downloaded to my phone or to my external hard drive from a specific site on a pc.

As outlandish as this sounds with the tech availqble as well as whats been shown possible connected to MK Ultra this is totally feasible.

And at first it seems helpful or caring that one would be guided or brainwashed to attend college to improve one’s life. As it always is with RA cases, love is control. And its usually to benefit the cult or covert factions, to continue to hide their existence from the public or keep their secrets hidden from public scrutiny. Its always about controlling the Survivor for the benefit of the cult. My mother is very Satanic in nature. Its very brutal, animalistic and inward looking. Cult minded. Their idea of love is exclusive to they and theirs and ownership of a person is equated with ‘love’ or caring. To the cults way of thi king we are special, elite and the only way to function in society is to keep hidden and of course keep excelling, growing becoming educated etc. Survivors who wont follow suicide programming are cut down with psychosurgery basically and brainwashed into keeping silent about whats happened-in childhood and after being Targeted for breaking programming. One of their little deals they believe is fairness (which is usually overbearing, tyranical, sadistic and controlling) is to destroy the Survivor, take away our talents, beauty, youth, health and intelligence then out of their sick sense of caring force a life onto the Survivor so they can provide for themselves in society and excel.

This of course is totally wrong, destructive and evil. Its ALL done to cover their own asses and of course to keep the truth from the public. Their excuses they convey to the Survivor is that society will hate and reject us anyway due to Survivors being superior human specimens by design (implants, selective breeding, behavior modification, occult connections etc). That it would disrupt society if we were allowed to exist as we were before modification after coming out of internal progeamming through beating suicide programming.

The reason this is total deception is that society NEVER NEEDED TO KNOW WE EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE had it not been for them targeting Survivors with gang stalking programs.

Like my case where i simply wanted to go to a hypnotist to get more of the memories I WAS ALREADY RECALLING WITHOUT A THERAPIST (so forget False Memory Syndrome) and then quietly move on with a therapists help (re-program) to become a councilor for sex workers who cant find their way out and do artwork on the side.

In truth, the people behind the cult are scared of Survivors becoming conscious, self programming beings and doing good to improve society. Also they most likely feel there is risk in Survivors being hacked or accessed by other forces or factions and used for thwir own purposes (psychic killers Theta programming for instance, a Survivor whos newly awake might not be fully conscious of this power and skill and due to it being located in a separate part of their minds, could be used for killing without their knowledge). These risks are real and understandable. We were weapons many of us.

Yet one sees the system desperstely wants to keep MK Ultra, its subprojects and their connections to Satanic factions and organized crime a secret forever. That is their true motive.

To continue to hide who the Survivor is from the public for the rest of their lives. Yet this could be done simply by allowing the Survivor to grow naturally.

Part of the NWO is to create a totally mind controllled society. Which theyve done basically by now. Controlling Surviors is imperitive becuz Surviors would disrupt these means of controlling human society due to being totally independent, self programming, aware and conscious entities.

As usual, your RA family or some entity connected to them loves you supposedly but only seeks to control or use you to establish dominion over mankind.

Btw I am not dim enough to start stalking people, becoming concerned or obsessed or take enough offense to this to becoming Christian. I still have my normal life where I enjoy whatever music I want and enjoy freedom as an American citizen (outside of being targeted as a dissident/national security risk).

I am very fortunate to have had enough life experience to know that many humans will do whatever to get something they want especially people of a certain nature. I also know that this could be a frame up to a point-people like the Israelis and cult Christians dont like this scene and especially corporate.
Or just whoever is behind MK Ultra. Why wouldnt they move all the pieces on the board?

On a deeper level its likely that many of us involved in this are programmed. Its the latter idea of programmers arranging things…so why would I be freaked out about another programmed person or persons’ actions?

Survivors need to just focus on their own prime directives and not pay too much mind to all the diversions and set.ups.

Why the hell would I go to college if my emotions and spiritual state were still in disrepair? Its certainly a way of forcing someone to fully exist in an new alter personality thats been formed out of necessity.
And thats all the system tries to do all along with forced deprogramming campaigns and operations is reprogram a Survivor how THEY see fit not according to the Survivor’s human and spiritual Will.

Remember these are people who believe humans cannot conduct their own affairs and that society should be psychocivilized using all available methods.

They must be fought against at all costs.

Forget who the chess pieces are, thats not important.

For all I know these things were done for the best attempts to protect me and give me a better life. Its true that the people around me and my family guaranteed nothing but failure in my life, probably for life long. It seems my friends and lovers were all keeping me down and exploiting me in ways I didnt even know about. And I am better off now than I was, its true. I have knowledge and freedom I would not have had. And I do have opportunities to grow that I couldn’t have taken on as now.

Yet thats not the issue here. Its a much bigger issue, more than just my personal gain or loss or the outcome of my life. If the NWO is what TIs see that the public does not see the full scope of, then…its pretty damn important to at least let people know what we’ve experienced-let the public decide for themselves from there.


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