Its Not The Illuminati, Its ‘Black’ Masonry

The use of the term Illuminati to describe the dark forces that exist utilizing Satanism and/or Masonic symbols and rituals is incorrect.
I dont know when the term Illuminati came into use in the conspiracy theory culture but a more accurate term is ‘Black Masonry’.

Here is a book I found that looks quite useful specifically to Survivors.

I havent read it but will as the connections between Masonry and Satanic factions is still baffling.
Conspiracy theorists who are not Survivors and have no internal knowledge or understanding tend to only cloud the issues.

A site on Rosicrucianism writes about the Illuminati as being very different from the way its portrayed by conspiracy theorists and also describes how Rosicrucianism differs from Masonry.

As a Survivor of programming and a soul who was born it seems associated with Rosicrucianism I feel the explaination to be satisfactory.

“But the symbolism of Rosicrucianism is derived from a Hermetic philosophy; that of Freemasonry from operative stonemasonry. The story of the death, burial and disinterment of Rosicrusianism’s founder, Christian Rosenkreuz, is reminiscent of the Hiramic legend, but no more so than other funerial legends. Both the Hiramic legend and a Continental version involving Noah were known to freemasons prior to Elias Ashmole’s masonic initiation, discrediting any theory that Ashmole introduced Rosicrucian themes into Freemasonry. “


~ by onmc on September 30, 2012.

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