Former Satanist Interview-Possible Theory As To Why No Remote Influence On Sunday

Could this be why there seems to be no remote influence on Sundays? I’ve posted that in my experience the force that seems to influence humans is present from 6am to 12 midnight Monday-Saturday with little or no influence on Sundays and none at all returning conditions practically back to normal on holidays.
These times are approximate with certain locations starting at.5:30 am and ceasing at 11:30 pm Mon-Saturday [such as San Diego CA] or having variations on the cease times, ranging from 11:30 pm to 1:00 am Mon-Sat. The severe torture with SRA content I experienced in St Louis at John Cochran’s hostel in 2008 was a location with these varying times for having tech activity stop.

It was quite noticable as on many occassions the torture was severe and in the midst of this occurring, it was quite noticable when it just stopped, just like that. It seemed like the latest the system is allowed to torture a Target until is 1am. And it does seem there is a mandatory period of rest for Targets being tortured.)
The motive might also be to condition TIs and the masses to enjoy or appreciate holidays moreso thus ensuring whatever calendar the powers that be create is respected and adhered to


~ by onmc on November 20, 2012.

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