Occultist John Todd


I listened to a vid of his for just a few minutes and realized he sounded off. His claims, the way they are presented, his tone, inflection, meter etc. All…very off.

Yet some of the subjects he seemed to deal with, such as ritual abuse networks, music industry occultism, Satanists ‘taking over’ (the Satanic Age thats openly been discussed by Satanists themselves), do have weight and legitimacy based on many reasonable people having experiences with such things.

Strangely there have been a number of people who seemed to posess information that is chillingly accurate about many things that come to pass yet the information is often hidden under bizarre circumstances, chaos even tragedies as well as the person themselves being of bad character.

Perhaps such people are tormented themselves or have been so and can only tell a bit of the truth as insanity and uncontrollable urges slowly destroy them.

He may have been an early disinfo agent but the inconsistencies in his claims and life stories are so glaring he wouldnt be very effective.

Heres a piece that goes over his inconsistencies:
(Its frustrating because he’s the kind of person who discredits genuine victims of wrongdoing and gives ammo to the detractors, critics, Satanic Panic and skeptics. Some of his material are things commonly claimed by Survivors and some very suspect things that actually are legit but in his work they are surrounded by nonsense and ridiculous claims.)

Perhaps he is an example of what was effective decades ago as opposed to what works in the internet age on a more savvy, informed public.

Its interesting to see how the public and their world have been…rearranged so that a very different sort of disinfo agent works now as opposed to something from the past.

The public are now overfed info and stimuli, then denied certain materials and basically directed to accept what info is valuable, believable or important.

Psychiatry’s presence in people’s daily lives now also effects the public’s perceptions of who is worth listening to and who should immediately be ignored or written off in their busy lives.

Actually what the powers that be have done is,after a brief period of exposure to the information highway and the opportunity for complete freedom from a media that serves the agenda and oppression-the public have been gotten under control once again to a level where they are just as isolated from information, truth or truly alternative perspectives as they would have been if they lived forty some odd years ago.

This may explain why its now common for seemingly alternative celebs supposedly bucking the system go on shows like Jone’s and talk the same material while true dissidents who are nobodies in comparison are ignored, blacklisted even considered mentally ill without an official, LEGAL label from a medical professional.

Looking at the works of old and forgotten people such as this gives insight into the world as it is today-its like an falsely induced alternative reality who’s brainwashing power can only be shaken off by studying things that existed to it prior.

It really does feel like we live in an all encompassing, falsely created environment-an actual physical structure that can’t be escaped from.

I think those of us who experienced the awful horrors of the Bush era, hidden from the general public-can comprehend the deception fully.


~ by onmc on February 15, 2013.

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