Satanic Elite-Mind Control And One World Government

I’m not up for everything in this piece but the author has alot of content correct and isnt relying on alot of conspiracy theory or wild accusations.

“Nazi, Germany, Russia, Great Britain and the United States had all been experimenting with drugs for mind control purposes. Both the CIA and Russian intelligence competed for Nazi mind control scientists after World War II. Many of these mind control scientist were deeply involved in the occult and Satanism. Psychiatric reports proposed that LSD could break down existing behavior patterns and be used in reprogramming or brainwashing. Thus, the military’s MK ULTRA program began with the help of Dr. Aldous Huxley who had contact with the Great Beast 666, Aleister Crowley.”

In my personal experience as a second generation MK Ultra subject (my mother being a documented radiation experimentee 1950’s, Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland, USA) the process need not use LSD specifically but only use mold exposure. LSD is synthesized ergot mold. Long term mold exposure does neurological damage as well as other physical damages.

This also explains why ‘gang stalking’ perpetrators will spray Targeted persons with substances from spray bottles in public places that have the effect of mild psychoactive drugs. Ambush and attack really. The effects of these substances seems to be that the tech is much more effective in the behavior modification or ‘brain washing’ process.

No comments accepted on this blog due to its specialized, experimental and very personal nature. I hope it helps any and all Survivors of RA, high level programming or cult mind control.


~ by onmc on February 22, 2013.

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