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I DONT agree with their opinion that a Survivor of abuse needs medication to change the chemical imbalances left from a history of abuse. Psychiatry are one of the number one obstacles in a Survivor getting out of the maze initially in the deprogramming phase and to the help we need.

Big Pharma are causing havoc in society, serving as a major component to mass mind control. They are where people go who refuse to let religion solve all their problems.  Every Survivor and black/classified project(s) subject knows that psychiatry is a major perpetrator and cover for these issues.

NEVER trust a therapy group just because they are one of the few who admit to and support RA survivorship etc. They could be baiting Survivors to pull them in or infiltrated. You just have to use caution. Its hard when one is in the deprogramming phase. This is why the system comes after you during this cocoon like phase of inner activity- they know you cannot possibly focus on chaotic outside events as well as concentrate on internal deprogramming.

Anything that accepts that RA and related survivorship exists is helpful, even encouraging.


~ by onmc on May 2, 2013.

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