A Mind Control Conference In May /Internet Radio Channel Deals With MC


This appears to be an internet radio channel that deals with UFOs and such but states they recently added mind control, and electromagnetic harassment.

Was listening to a broadcast of CA MUFON Radio show.

I don’t quite know if this can be trusted because it’s the usual place that the disinfo people show up and work on in order to attract TIs and targeted Survivors.

There’s a conference that a UFO researcher, Melinda Leslie, had mentioned, the SUPER SOLDIER AND MIND CONTROL SUMMIT II. Supersoldiersummit.com

I was excited until I realized that its in Henderson NV which is hot as hell now as well as Vegas is totally infiltrated and targeted. Its true that Henderson isn’t Vegas it’s lovely actually, but its got harassment from vehicles as well as the local bus and tech.harassment also.

Then I noted that the tickets were 100 dollars and there’s only room for 200 people with a 30 person overflow.

What about poor TIs, Survivors and experimentees? By now you should realize that anyone who actually has any information or power is killed off or targeted into poverty and homelessness.

So who is this conference for anyway??

I am thoroughly sick of this TI elitism bullshit. Seriously. It reeks of the disinfo and conspiracy theorist arm of the gang stalking system. And FFCH’s Derrick Robinson is going to be there, as he always shows up to all these things. I don’t trust them nor him. They have rotten security on their calls to keep perps and opportunists out.

Approaching covert subjectmatter from a traditional grassroots activist perspective is absolutely ridiculous. It doesnt make sense. A courtroom or military tribunal or international court are the only appropriate places to do this sort of activism. Ive been on the FFCH conference calls. I’ve experienced the mind control tactics used. I eventually realized it was a holding area for Targets and their job is to keep you busy along with holding fast to false hope.

Its VERY DANGEROUS for TIs to have only one group like this with a cult like guru figure representing everyone. I would trust a board of trustees or something like that.

FFCHs purpose seemed to be to keep TIs seperated from the real world. I’ve experienced those calls to have the power to find out who’s listening in and then sick perps on the Target with amazing speed.

Look at this big world of the daily running of international corporations and multiple countries justice systems-then, reconsider FFCH and a conference this big in Henderson, AZ.

Why is it so small? Why are the numerous victims who are MOST IMPORTANT that are heavily targeted totally marginalized and not included?

I’ve also experienced Robinson being a total status whore by saying on a call things like ceetain TIs with social status or money are important to their group, purely due to those qualities.

TIs are a bit like homeless people in that the population has no voted or elected representatives outside of those with the money or power to take up such positions.

These groups and individuals make it appear they are utilizing all that’s available within a Democratic western country like the USA but if you look at their approach and their set up they aren’t going about things very Democraticically…or fairly at all.
If the number of TIs and Survivors and experimentees are.so high then why is the representation and most popular activity and recognized activist pool so small?
Pretty elitist if you ask me..and isnt that what we are fighting against to begin with?

When traditional political systems and ideologies are used to deal with the issues of covert activity of this nature it’s not really workable. The system of covert warfare certainly doesnt utilize such pathways why would we? Its like defending yourself against spy assasins with a public rally. They are going to show up and be in the crowd.

Also UFOlogy shouldnt be put with subjects like programming, MK Ultra or anything related to Survivorship nor anything related to Targeted Individuals.

Each group is specific in their experiences. Especially since many RA survivors seem to be hooked into programming and MK Ultra but aliens are not the main problem-metaphysical cults are usually Satanic or something Masonic in nature.
MILABs might have nothing to do with aliens but strictly concern themselves with military/intelligence black/classified projects.

Many of us question the validity of the alien abduction scenario as well as the UFOlogy community itself.

Why is there never any conference subjectmatter on how to spot total disinformation bullsh*t from aa mile away?! Because that’s how Targets and Survivors have to think about things daily anyway and especially dealing in activism and networking.

Why aren’t their more programs on the art of deception, historical teachings of spycraft and people’s experiences with being sidetracked by infiltrators in the activist community? If people were resonable it wouldn’t have to result in flame wars which is just more diversion as far as I have seen.

UFO tours and showing up in Washington DC yearly wearing a tin foil hat isn’t going to solve our problems. These are war crimes and serious human rights violations.

I understand that being playful and creating is a way for Targets to get through the extreme trauma of this abusive system but word to the wise I’ve experienced a white beard once actually utilizing this process to DISCREDIT TARGETED PEOPLE. (White beards are those old bastard perps they put out there and they are particularly versed in how to manipulate people in society. Usually reek of being pedos).
They will claim that its ‘fun’ for the activist claiming to be a TI to play with recognizing and creating patterns mentally and that this overactivity of a creative, intelligent, imaginative mind is ALL THE ACTIVIST IS DOING.

Just another way of convincing the public the Target is paranoid and full shit or wasting their intelligence on nonsense.

After getting a weapon recently Ive realized that America only respects money, power and violence. If we wish to win this war or gain any cred we must approach these issues with respect for all who’ve died, are suffering or who’s lives have been permanently ruined by this system. Lawyers, police and getting hurt in the wallet are all American human animals understand, specifically the ones resistant to RESPECTING US and our CAUSE.

I believe that’s all most human animals comprehend but I shall see in future what foreign and older cultures believe.

It may be that the oldest wisest cultures who would be resistant to this mentality are the ones westerners are constantly at war with and destroying, to bring in the new order of enslavement of mankind.

Dealing with these subjects using normal American mentalities is not going to work because if you notice, the GS system doesn’t utilize a normal mentality or methods which is why the majority are either ignorant or in disbelief.

Workplace mobbing and bullying are the only things they can relate to or use as a point of reference. We need to expose this system as the horror and terror that it is and that it utilizes…and produces in a way that the public won’t want to reject the truth or Targets due to not wanting to undermine the very footing under their feet, in the form of perceiving their own beloved government as their grestest enemy or destroyer.

TIs are not represented anywhere in this society in an effective manner. And continuing to judge the human value of Targeted Individuals in a post Bush/9-11 era and in a Capitalist country mentality is counter productive.

The keyword when dealing in covert activity is DECEPTION. Cover ups. Hiding. Its what they do. When they program people, when they stalk and harass, when they pay off perps-its how they control society.

There are many TIs of different ‘walks of life’ with great value to this movement who are being ignored due to this being dealt with in a Capitalist mentality.

Covert ops isnt the real world. Countering its existence and effects with normal life thinking is stupid, wasteful and highly suspect.


~ by onmc on May 8, 2013.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.