Olvera, Spain, is First To Become “Electromagnetic Pollution-Free” Town


I wish I could have been able to suggest this area of activism sooner to Survivors and TI’s. Its so very important and its a way to get what relief we need without dealing with disbelief regarding the subject of covert activity, all that goes with it.

Its so blitheringly obvious in every city I go to that there is some form of remote influence or ‘mind control’ on Targeted Individuals as well as the general public. Ive always experienced this to be on a time schedule thats been consistent for many years as well as varying by location, reflecting that the influence is indeed technological. There’s probably some chemical component to mass mind control and I have had some experiences suggesting this is probably the case, either that or air pollution is doing a job on humans and this somehow weakens us and assists with the technological mind control systems.


~ by onmc on May 19, 2013.

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