World Wrestling Connected To Satanism, Drugs, Pedos

That’s the info on at least one pedo scandal they are connected to. McMahon certainly strikes me as this type who is in the closet, or maybe he needs success so badly to compensate for being molested as a boy.
Sometimes, its written all over men’s faces. Sometimes not. Many men do not handle these traumas well and end up letting them make them into complete and total monsters. Control freaks. Violent, abusive-of themselves and to others.
If you google his name and WWE there’s pics of him where he certainly looks like a man trying hard to be a mr black magic type. Like the Mafia guys..except way more goofy. These people at heart are actors, not real career criminals-those truly frightening people hide.

He’s probably just as creepy and scary in private moments all on his own.

Many of the wrestlers including Edge have been in trouble for drugs specifically steroid abuse. People in a position of power to wield or that can be used against a TI are what the GS system is looking for. People in trouble, looking to not get into trouble or exposed for crimes to begin with or people looking for some gain like hard to get grant money for research, government funding, pay offs, opportunities etc.

Satanism has figured prominently in WWE culture and entertainment. Very overtly if you are aware.
Now my position has to be exposing Satanic connections in my work. Not because I am a Christian or have anything against it as a belief system in certain forms but due to RA being a part of my case. That is reflected in part of my internal programming.

One has to remember that part of ritual abuse is going after someone who’s deemed either a sacrificial lamb or anyone who threatens to expose the cult(s) and international network to the public in a way that would make them realize they are actually real, coexisting in their everyday world. Making them realize how truly brutal and abusive these crimes are against their victims. In having enough memory recall to provide yet another familiar testimony thus validating others who’ve come out before with such stories-other than the disinfo ones that is.
And in my case, to be able to link SRA with high level programming connected to MK Ultra through my mother’s documented radiation experimentee status and of course linking the intelligence services, academia etc behind that to the sex industry and organized crime, drugs and pedophilia networks.
Its no coincidence that Clinton’s Advisory Committee was dealing with those experimentees coming out at the same time as the daycare center SRA cases, which fueled ‘Satanic panic’. That was either a cover up op, for diversion and discreditation or it was something related that could be discredited. Notice how the different parts of this never got linked properly to make sense of how this all works. Boys town victim Paul Bonnacci claims SRA is used to anchor programming into people as children-and what he’s describing is correct in the experience of Survivors of high level programming.

The torture of a Survivor as.Targeted Individual isn’t just for ritual abuse purposes, its mainly to destroy the Survivors memories, credibility and any powers that person still posesses-from simple talents, assets like beauty or personality to psychic ability.

This is why perps keep deceiving the victim and the public by going along with the idea the person deserves such treatment or they needed reform of some kind. Their main goal is to degrade the Survivor into a stupid, average person with no special talents or strengths who is forced to live like a peasant when they could have become very succesful. Usually the Survivor is kept down to the lowest level of society until they give in to being broken down and go along with getting a normal job and comforming.

If you watch the old TV series The Prisoner you will see the exact same process used to try to break the former agent #6. Its what they do to people with high level programming who are no longer useful or won’t cooperate anymore. Why they just dont kill us I will never understand-I think someone had a bright idea about using us for further experimentation, perhaps like an AI program where normals learn from us somehow. There’s certainly an element of ritual abuse to the gang stalking of a Survivor-the life energy we are forced to expend into the environment is unbelievable. Like an orange we are squeezed out and disgarded-and this is AFTER 30 odd years or so of lives of suffering and serving this system as mind controlled slaves.

This is one of the major lessons of not only the NWO but of simply being human animal beings trapped in this modern man made environment-if people only knew the incredible amount of energy thats hidden within our human bodies and minds, the world would be very different.

I understand now our ancestors knew, which is why religions are used as they are against us as well as bad health practices, foods that weaken us and make us fat and them rich. Environmental pollution to weaken our bodies. Slave cultures are used in America mostly to define our entertainment-Afro/Judeo. This is not the natural cultures of peoples around the world. Even Africans don’t resemble African Americans. If you listen to the music of the bushmen, you will reawaken to the joy of ancient freedom. Positive, life giving energies-the music of the enslaved African populations relies on the Judeo Christian churches or a dark, brooding voodooish sound like the blues-all music that is reflective of still fighting those chains. Psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

That is American culture, Western culture. The whole world needs to reawaken to the raw power available to us from our past and alternatives in energy supplies etc.

Waking up from programming is something that the perps fear. Instead of being truly illuminated and becoming bright they want to guide many of us into darkness. Into re entering enslavement instead of becoming free.

I’ve posted on my blog that I experienced certain wrestling entertainers to be in on perpetrating and being involved in GS. The scandals and blatant displays of indicating Satanic belief are connected.

I just read today that the song The Game by Motörhead that Ive had on my YouTube for a long time as it describes the Gang Stalking process perfectly WAS WRITTEN BY A WWE MEMBER supposedly as an entrance for Triple H. I thought they just used a Motörhead song. Motörhead actually performed this at a show for the wrestler. And it was written just as the Bush era was taking off, circa 2002. Just the time that so many TIs would have their campaigns go 24/7 and become brutal, consistent and torturous.

I find all this too much to be coincidence. And, as usual I can’t be angry with musicians who have been spelling out plain as day through their music what they are about, who their associations are and where they gain their power and fame but I absolutely hate people who set up in America’s living rooms parading as all American, good entertainment thats harmless and pandering to children.

Many parents wouldnt let their kids listen to some band like Motörhead or black metal or death metal. Hell, if they we were awake, aware and honest with ourselves we should all have a bit of an issue even with Led Zeppelin. No one wants to give up Zep and really see whats on those album covers, specifically the inside of Houses Of The Holy. But people don’t or won’t becuz they would rather feel connected to the artist providing the sounds.

My only goal is to get modern people to wake up to the reality that these forces and the people they work through exist all around us in daily life. That the world is not good nor do we truly exist in a bubble of ‘good’ people nor exist in a system of economy or govt thats necessarily ‘good’.

Being pissed at homeless and street people is one indication you aren’t living in reality of how your world really is set up.

And this being naive about how technologies can be utilized for pure evil is very deadly to humanity. People act as if technology possesses some ultimate divinity-that tech is good by nature.

Kind of like people who romanticize animals as being better than humanity becuz other humans are capble of brutalizing or destruction.

If people knew what was really out there, disappointment wouldnt be so deadly. And it would be harder to be deceived.

The next time you watch WWF understand the sleaze behind it and take responsiblity for that, instead of being duped and choosing to keep your blinders on.
This is why people gladly help the powers that be mob whistle blowers and trouble makers they refer to us victims with a voice as: if we are truthful, THEY would have to grow up and stop being lazy. Take social responsiblity. Evolve in many ways.

Its just easier to remain animals and keep disbelieving victims.

What is so hard with realizing that part of the world we live in and culture we partake in is anti human or evil? Wouldn’t that stir people to do more good??

That maybe why they don’t want the public waking up to the truth about the content of what they consume.

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop listening to music or catch wrestling when I can, as its a lone source in todays media of being able to view healthy, strong, long haired males of European and Native descent. Except Cena of course who sucks becuz he’s military AND becuz he shaves his head.

This entire military/gangsta/conservative culture is a complete waste of the last of my youth. Shaved heads, saggy pants, pick up trucks and shitty, punk ass, uptight attitudes.

They really do HATE Gen Xers don’t they?


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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.