David Shurter-Satanic Ritual Abuse And MK Ultra Programming Survivor

As usual this could be a disinfo agent or someone who embelleshes truth. Then again, it could be completely accurate, considering how horrific the treatment a Survivor gets being targeted with gang stalking to discredit and silence us.

In my experience some of the memories Survivors have could be induced by technologies or psychic manipulation, as part of a childs programming.

Many of us have had our programming toyed with as PART OF ONGOING HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION.
I was told that my gang stalking campaign -all the induced brain damage, harassment etc was to purposely get me to start deprogramming so they cpuld see how programming breaks down. They also have been working on being able to perform forced deprogramming and behavior modification in order to erase any memories or powers and skills remaining so Survivors arent a problem to their creators or society.

The theme of the show is kinda goofy but I am glad they are producing activism like this.


~ by onmc on June 21, 2013.

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