Occult and Ritual In Mind Control Used In Music Industry

Great vid by YouTuber http://www.youtube.com/user/Fijitime2012

Its a bit hard to listen to in the beginning but he makes so much sense and features important details I’d been unaware of before. He has attention to detail and maps out his examples really well. Some of it is just compelling.

Keep in mind that, he being a Christian, he’s ignorant of some details connected to the occult systems at the root of this, which is fine. That bible book actually has some useful info in it as far as how to deal with these things. My approaching is from an ancient Egyptian system. Its the same forces anyway. It seems he uses his god’s book wisely he doesnt just quote mindlessly or he’s ignorant of what texts or ‘scriptures’ mean.

What he doesn’t understand is, with regards to people like BeyoncĂ©, Michael Jackson and even Madonna, its highly probable that the larger system of unseen power has programmed these people in infancy to be capable of possessions or killing off personalities (called alters in programming) to create new ones, with the proper outside influence of course.

Its also very highly probable that such people HAVE AN ANCESTOR CONNECTING THEM TO CERTAIN BLOODLINES. Its been shown that Madonna has royal ancestry through her French DNA. Her sister looks even more naturally aristocratic than she does. If you look at pics of Michael Jackson’s mother when she was very young you will see an eerie resemblance to Queen Elizabeth’s line. Royals from every country had lots of bastard children throughout the ages. And dont think that covert, shadow system doesnt keep an eye on exactly who they are and keep tabs on those families, which is why many of these SRA abuse victims of high level programming are intergenerational. The bloodlines provide programmed people with the power and magnetism thats needed to influence people or hold power as well as superior beauty, talent etc.

It could be that they simply get thier hands on intelligent creatives as infants for programming but its got to be from a very young age. You cant program a person to that extent in adulthood. You may be able to create a Manchurian Candidate type assassin but thats very one dimensional in its task. Everyone who has complex programming is easily capable of being the innocent female then switching to another alter, in fact that’s what you are supposed to do. Its your job in life.

What many of these activists are missing due to their ignorance about ritual abuse, programming and bloodlines is that people like this are victims. They dont know any better. Its their job to do what they are doing just as the software you are using on your computer is programmed to do what it does, mindlessly and without any thought of its own.
Some seem aware of what they are doing and others seem to be just oblivious and simply following internal programming. Which by the way, is formed and structured into a person USING RITUAL ABUSE TO ANCHOR THE PROGRAMMING IN PART so that if they dared to break away or not do what they are doing, there are so many consequences-both internal and external, that not many victims are going to ever ‘wake up’. Programming can actually keep a human spirit and mind imprisoned for a lifetime and no one would ever know, especially the programmed person.

Even those who think they are the puppet masters are programmed, like Jay Z. How obvious is he? He may have been programmed to be her handler just as she was programmed to be handled by him. I notice that she has the typical situation of being handled in the biz by her father then handed over to another male authority figure. This is very typical.

If you want to deal with these things from a Christian perspective and that works for you then do so but alot of other information is missing. However, coming from that direction is alot safer if you are not programmed yourself.

Baphomet seems like just a useful symbol or image for these people to have chosen to represent their idol if you will at this time. They could have chosen from a number of images of the dark, anti human, anti life or ‘satanic’ forces some predating Abrahamic religions and their notion of ‘Satan’. It certainly looks evil and will scare the shit out of people or impress and mesmerize them if that is their purpose which it seems it is a psychological and spiritual warfare on the masses.

The music industry was always ridden with symbolism and mind control even Satanic content. Its just that it was moreso in country music and rock music which my generation was comfortable with. Being programmed so long ago I am still comfortable with what I hear in that music now, being aware of what it is I am hearing. I also years ago upon deprogramming, saw exactly what certain album covers were displaying, that I had been brainwashed into denying or made comfortable with.

When your parents come from the same cultural background and race as well as similar ethnic cultural backgrounds as the perpetrators, you aren’t as alarmed by the cult mind control. You can be made comfortable. (The Stones or Led Zeppelin might be rich English musicians but they shared the same generation and sentiments as my parents as well as English being close enough to Irish to register as a Celtic background ancestry wise. Alot of the sounds and symbolism are going to be rooted in ancient music and art that we share. The same even goes for the Norsk black metal bands involved in this and coming into world-wide recognition…upon being heavily involved in ritual abuse of people-not a coincidence. Thier influence may force peoples of European descent to reach back even further into our collective racial and ethnic consciousness but the connection is there. Again, one can be made comfortable with being influenced by such people.)
To someone my age, with my experiences with racial conflicts from the old days of a north-east city in the USA and a grandfather from the bayou of Louisiana its unnerving to see African Americans gaining this much influence. In other words, I dont share any connections with these people thus I see what they are doing and it makes me quite UNcomfortable.

I grew up with a very different sort of African-American and their goals for their people evolving did not consist of what blacks are doing now in the music industry. Your supposed to be listening to classical jazz and seeking out the evolved, ingenious highly creative works of African-American peoples or even revisiting blues music which is by now a bit passe but at least it has historical value.
We also grew up with original gangsta rap which made no efforts to hide what it was about like they are doing now. Many of us knew right away, from Run DMC, that they had been co opted and were being sold out to white suburban kids. Run DMC looks just like all those 50’s acts who wore the same suits, were produced by agents and made do wop songs to sell to white kids.
Underground rap was the only still genuine product from its origins.

We knew that 90’s gangsta rap was owned by the drug cartels, the CIA or whoever were the legit powers they deal drugs for but didnt care because we came from the corruption-as-normal 70’s as kids. Drugs, crime, violence? No big deal. We were as miserable and addicted as their music sounded anyways so we listened to some of it but we ALWAYS knew that if we wanted what was real and political we had to go for the college stations, where they played UNDERGROUND RAP. Where people had continued evolve along the lines of what Grand Master Flash was talking about not those clowns for the suburban kids like Run DMC.

And if you grow out of your 20s and study alternative political subject matter you should become aware, as many of us did that rap music in itself is merely hypnotic rhythms that numb the human mind. Hip hop and rap are essentially mind control just as rock and roll music from the 70’s and beyond performed the same function but was probably alot more pleasant.

Again it comes down to racial similarities. Why are there so many people of African descent who become crack cocaine addicts? Ive witnessed this myself and I dont understand it. I had an older friend, one of those functioning crack addicts who only does it select times weekly. It smells bad, it looks like the high sucks and is just mind numbing and being in the same room as that stuff just makes me jumpy with ringing ears. Yet, it seems to be unbelievably addicting to people who have sub Saharan and west African DNA. American slave stock descendants.

If crack was prepared to distribute into the poor black communities it seems as if it was almost tailor-made to effect peoples of certain DNA in a specific manner. Ive met a very small amount of ‘whites’ who prefer crack cocaine. They seem to prefer either based cocaine or meth made in someone’s lab or prefer opiates and this seems to be geographical. The northeast and northwest are alot more prone to heroin addiction than other parts of the country.
The drug running systems know these things about their supply and demand. And its typical of our ‘social engineers’ to use the create a problem/solve a problem deception. It creates chaos and disorder, then makes profit, renders populations controllable or disables them, then they can solve these problems as well such as the War On Drugs and corporate prison system.

Jello Biafra made music about those powers forcing crack into the ghettos and was persecuted for it by those powers. Nowadays with declassified documents, it’s no longer conspiracy theory or underground but its too late. Youve got real good puppets out there like this new breed of socially acceptable, legitimately wealthy rap musicians who have normalized it. Many African-Americans now even deny its roots in street gangs connected to organized crime, which is absolutely ridiculous. So blacks in their estimation are getting hip and wise about how to make it in civilized society just like the Italians or whoever else. Which is the game that many black people think they are in on by sticking by their musicians, athletes-anyone doing well and helping African-Americans to establish themselves as a people with actual power in modern civilized society.
Yet, in doing so, one has to realize what and who you are supporting. You are not betraying your race or people’s progress in the world or even evolution in civilization by being honest about how some of them have become as bad as the overlords who began black slavery to begin with.

Learn from white folk a long history from Europe. Once you realize that the king is in his castle and he’s only going to take from you through his serfs and nobles and not share what he has with you, you will understand he isn’t ‘your kind’ or like you at all. Black people have to get real with the idea of different classes. Famous rich people could give a fuck about you so why are you worshiping them? They take advantage of you having no good role models at all- this is how they have kept poor whites down forever.
The rock industry had us fooled for a long time with a bunch of rich people who we thought represented our culture, our ‘people’ but all along were just using us for their own gain.
The artists’ dedication to the shadow system was a bit less obvious and the mind controlling was made alot more comfortable for the public in the old days. Nowadays its outright brutal, nasty and just ugly with celebs and artists being obnoxiously overt about cooperating with and being part of the shadow system or something now represented as ‘the Illuminati’ to gain fame. Its turned into a culture where artists seem to demand alot from the public while providing very little in return.

Thats the NWO though its akin to invasive surgery without any anesthesia or pain medication. That is what they want everything to be like now, its normalizing torture and that is a very key, powerful step in TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL and cult mind control.

The NWO is nothing more than trying to enslave humanity into a massive mind controlled cult.


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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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