Baphomet Symbolism In America

The video at beginning of article is convoluted and inaccurate. Ignoring that it does have some interesting examples and the written piece is good.

The vid gets into dealing with deities that are not baphomet specifically. As well as once again, a Christian perspective drags overt Satanists into places of study and discussion they dont belong.

The point of an article about Baphomet or any deities being worshipped or symbolized COVERTLY in statues or advertising or other mediums of subliminal communication, especially such things as statues or paintings of respected historical political figures is that THE DANGER LIES IN SUCH SYMBOLS BEING HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Its deception thats being looked at not a belief system or inclusive of expressing various aspects of dark negative force.

Im less concerned about the people running around in t shirts with pentagrams on them or the guys in Behometh etc because they aren’t hiding what they represent-except to gullible fans and a sleeping public.

Whats disturbing are the people the public readily accept into their hearts and minds, homes and lives who are really deceptive by appearing benign. Celebs, politicians, historical figures, our country’s culture itself.

A people living under any sort of belief system via deception and brain washing are never free. It doesnt matter what system it is.


~ by onmc on August 18, 2013.

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