Gerald Ford Is Dead. So What?

Cathy Obrien talks about her contact with Ford.

Its difficult to deal with other Survivors. You never know whos still being used by the system or who is fabricating tales or sticking disinfo into factual info for deception.

The thing thats so difficult is that these sick powerful men seem to have a genuine care and reverence for some Survivors.  It makes it difficult to really reject ones connections to it entirely.

Compared to the stupid, self absorbed, sheepish public these people in power by comparison seem much more akin to Survivors. Also they seem like the only people who are going to be able to protect you from other equally sick and powerful individuals.

Its almost like having to side with whichever faction of sick psychos in power is going to protect you.

The public certainly cant. They cant even protect themselves.

Obrien seems genuine. I just worry about some of the things Phillips says sometimes. He makes it seem like they are the king and queen of mind control survivorship.
And hes made a statement that sounds like he was saying that no one has the kind of time and love to help a deprogramming Survivor to stabilize. As if the horrible behavior modification program Ive been in for years is the only alternative.

Yet hes also said in an interview that he knows that a deprogramming person if left alone can reprogram themselves and heal.

I have gotten the impression that Ford put something into order during his presidency to either protect certain Survivors or something to try to give us some sort of lives outside mc slavery and getting killed off.

Then again this system is so deceptive and controlling the measures to put forth may have been the horrible program Ive been in for over ten years thats destroyed my life and its potential!

No doubt that mass mind control is now firmly in place in the Unites States, the worst of it since 2003.
It sounds very much like the very people Ford was in contact with who were advocates of mass mind control have come into power and made thier vision a reality.

People who arent effected disbelieve or even approve of such measures to psycho manage society. Yet people are being effected and hurt. Mass mind control and targeting key individuals is causing high rates of mental illness which feeds big pharma and the prison and medical complexes.
Children are put on meds and dumbed down even made inhuman by todays societal norms.

Cognitive difficulties. A breaking down of ages old normal human social interactions. Everyone is on their cell phone or into their computers. This isnt normal, healthy human animal socialization.

Artists and geniuses are basically destroyed if they are going to be a problem to the system.

Society has been ruined and the public doesnt see.

Act only in self defense with care and understanding for your fellow man; Tough love is whats needed now not further enabling


~ by onmc on September 10, 2013.

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